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A business doesn’t reach the pinnacle of productivity overnight. There are several hindrances and obstacles that need to be cleared off in order to achieve the end goal of the business; global reach and better productivity.

From managing employees to deploying marketing strategies, businesses have to go through a stratum of steps to accomplish the set goals. Customer satisfaction is an unavoidable fragment for business success. Understanding the customer’s perspective and gaining valuable feedback helps in ascertaining your priorities and seeking advantage of word-of-mouth advertising. Surveys are potent ways to listen to what your customers say and receive their suggestions as well. Customer feedback software helps in automating the survey procedures.

Whether it is Dubai or any other part of the world, customer satisfaction is the key to business success. Let’s take a look at some trending and reliable customer satisfaction survey tools in Dubai:-


A customer survey app that lets you create attractive, intriguing, quizzes, surveys, and questionnaires, piHappiness is the best survey assistance you can find. Several international companies have already adopted piHappines into their management to relish their multitudinous benefits. Following are the key features of piHappiness:-

  • → Provides real-time notifications of customer’s responses
  • → Create surveys that not only engage customers but also indulge them in some exciting questionnaires and quizzes. 
  • → Cutting edge analytics reports making well-informed marketing decisions.
  • → Tailor-made surveys for your dynamic requirements of addressing to different target audiences.


  • → Basic: 49.99/month
  • → Premium: USD 99.99/month.
  • → Premium+: USD 149.99/month


Placed in the category of reliable customer satisfaction survey app, HubSpot lets you collect valuable feedback from the customers and provide you with the best strategies to deal with them. HubSpot is a highly customizable survey tool that allows you to select from a myriad of survey types according to your requirements. What Hubspot lets you do on its platform:-

  • → Choose the right survey from different survey templates.
  • → Detect and improve customer experience with the help of active surveys.
  • → Monitor the changes and results within a single dashboard. 
  • → Measure your efforts on customer satisfaction.


     → USD 400/month.

 Zonka Feedback

One of the most effective Customer Satisfaction Survey tools that not only let you create customized surveys and measure satisfaction but also work on the Customer Feedback thus received to improve customer experience and enhance satisfaction. With Zonka Feedback, you can create any type of survey for different industries like healthcare, hospitality, retail, educational institutes, and more. Key features of this tool are:

  • Provides ready-to-use templates and 40+ question types to create various types of surveys and customize them per your requirements.
  • Provides real-time notifications for survey responses, you can also set criteria to getting alerts like negative feedback, low score, etc.
  • Enables creating dynamic surveys with features like skip logic, hide logic, and survey redirection.
  • Collects feedback through multiple channels like SMS, email, website, Android tablets, and smartphones.
  • Allows white labeling of surveys, and creating multilingual surveys.
  • Allows integrations with several apps.


  • Professional: $79/month.
  • Growth: $169/month.
  • Enterprise: $429/month.
  • Custom: Personalized solutions at custom prices.

Also provides a free trial for 15 days.


Founded recently by a bunch of tech graduates, Nicereply is an excellent customer feedback software that guides your business via customizable customer feedback forms. Nicereply has made surveying easier with its seamless interface. Some of the features that make Nicereply a credible survey app are:-

  • → Get real-time feedback from the customers.
  • → Find a perfect survey distribution that fits your requirements.
  • → Receive insights on customer experience and satisfaction
  • → Easy integration with other apps.


  • → Mini: USD 39/month
  • → Start: USD 79/month
  • → Grow: USD 159/month
  • → Business: 239/month


Known for its advocacy programs, Advocately lets you generate review forms, referrals, and case studies. Advocately asks your current customers to give their valuable reviews and reach out to the unsatisfied ones to resolve their issues. Why choose Advocately:-

  • → Get reviews to improve sales and marketing strategy.
  • → Weekly authentic reviews in real-time.
  • → Analytics and reporting of the data received.


       Quote on demand

My SurveyLab

Creating surveys, automating responses, and generating reports, MySurveyLab is one of the popular customer satisfaction survey tools in the industry that does it all. Whether it’s the well-organized dashboard or multi-language support, there are more than some reasons to choose MySurveyLab. Some of the few reasons are:-

  • → Support surveys on multiple devices
  • → Round the clock customer support
  • → Interactive questionnaire in multiple languages
  • → Easy integration and on-demand development


  • → Starter: USD 29/month
  • → Standard: USD 39/month
  • → Professional: USD 149/month


Specially designed for B2B surveys, Centiment is effective customer feedback software. Powered with neuro data and AI, Centiment uses human thoughts to deploy strategies. Features that make Centiment better:-

  • → Wide reach over 100 countries
  • → Human assistance all along the way
  • → Better insights for well-informed decisions
  • → Video evaluation for effective strategy building


      → Quote on demand


Rated as a great customer feedback app. Delighted provides you with several ways to get feedback from your customers. Surveys can be sent via SMS, links, emails,etc., with real-time results. Easy configuration of the app is something that makes it popular among the customers. Take a look at its key features:-

  • → Tracks and analyses feedback
  • → Creates surveys instantly
  • → Multi-channel survey delivery
  • → Multi-language surveys


  • → Start: Free
  • → Upto 5 users: USD 89/month
  • → Upto 10 users: USD 224/month


A self-Service market research tool, Pollfish offers real-time feedbacks from global customers. It helps in creating surveys and questionnaires instantly and efficiently. Pollfish is considered ideal for NPS, online reviews, concept testing, etc. Why you should get a survey from Pollfish:-

  • → Easy and affordable survey building
  • → Real-time responses from the customers
  • → Multiple ways to create business-specific surveys
  • → Self-service with easy third party integration


  • → Free to start
  • → Business: USD 8,400
  • → Enterprise: USD 24,000


customer feedback app that provides customer feedback most efficiently, YesInsights is known for its versatile surveys. Users find YesInsights easy to use and engage with. Let’s delve into its prominent features:-

  • → Best survey tool for NPS surveys.
  • → Easy integration with email marketing 
  • → Versatile surveys and real-time responses.


  • → Personal: USD 20/month
  • → Startup: USD 79/month
  • → Growth/custom/enterprise: USD 149/month


Ranging from comfortable to complex survey forms, Startquestion offers you a system to create a survey of your kind. Startquestion provides over 50 survey templates to customize it according to your needs. Its easy-to-use interface has made it a popular choice among the customers. Key benefits to consider:-

  • → Pre-made survey questions
  • → Data safety
  • → Expert support from industry specialist
  • → Easy integration


  • → Free trial: 14 days
  • → Business: USD 49/month
  • → Enterprise/VIP suite: USD 99/month


Guesswork doesn’t bring productivity to the business. Hence surveys and feedbacks come handy when business needs to assess the satisfaction rates of its customers. The above mentioned were some popular customer satisfaction tools that will help you create interesting surveys and attain better insight into the customer experience. piHappiness is your virtuous ally in creating potent customer surveys so that you can leverage your position in the global marketplace. Contact us to get your survey prepared today. 

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham is a Senior Digital Marketing Manager at ParamInfo Computer Services Pvt Ltd. He is passionate about topics such as SaaS, productivity, Android and iOS, general technology, and business.

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