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A software solution that helps to manage recruitment and source the top talent with minimal efforts. Streamline the process, choose the best candidates, organize resources, and foster teamwork.

piHire - Recruitment Management System


Achieve Better Recruitment Results with piHire

piHire identifies best profiles twice the speed as it accelerates and simplifies the recruitment process by automating the application screening, job matching, candidate shortlisting, and sending automated notifications. Thus, reduces time taken to hire candidates and each-to-hire costs.


Now or Never

Study the progression of the hiring process and gain a visual overview of how it advances across all open positions. PiHire assists recruiters to switch smoothly from one recruitment process to another with ease and effortlessly by helping them to monitor the status of applicants as they progress through your recruitment funnel, Interviewing the right people and informing the client about candidates.

Automated Job Postings

You can convey the essence of your company on your careers page. It reveals the elements that make your company special, including your ethos, purpose, values, and the staff. piHire helps you by displaying jobs as they become available on your career page and has automated screening and assessment questions based on selection criteria. Consequently, a career landing page must deliver the right impression. Integrate piHire with your website for automatic placement of your jobs.

Communicate Holistically

Recruiters need to communicate with diverse companies and individuals via email as a crucial part of the recruiting process, it is convenient and efficient to track emails with piHire. They can send and receive letters, sync messages with other email clients like Microsoft email or, Zimbra Desktop and access address books to track your emails.

Significance and Relevance

Collaborative Teamwork

Communicate and manage projects using a team-oriented approach that allows equal participation and the sharing of innovative ideas.

Bonding with Prospects

An ideal candidate experience is essential for hiring professionals. A mutual understanding of their needs facilitates better collaboration.

Maintaining Client Relationships

Improves your ability to network for new business by engaging and interacting with customers and potential customers.

Integrate the Careers Page

Automate and accentuate the career page by integration of current job openings on your career website. Job seekers can view detailed information about open positions and submit their resumes and create opportunities

Optimized Profile Matching

An application that monitors and screens profiles against vacancies constantly, calculates matching scores, and assists you in finding the most qualified candidate in the shortest amount of time.

Statistics on Sources

Analyzing the source data for the candidates to determine hiring pipelines, recruitment processes, and to demonstrate results in reports and dashboards.

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