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Solutions for IOT

With IoT technologies, organizations can optimize and automate their workflows through consulting, development, data analytics, and app management. ParamInfo, a full-featured IoT services provider with years of experience, offers time-efficient and cost-effective operations. A variety of businesses in different domains have engaged us to develop IoT solutions and provide IoT consulting services, including IoT for Industries, Smart cities, Medical, Fleet Management, Retails and Telecoms.

Select your service option

  • Strategic IoT consulting to automate and improve business operations’ efficiency.
  • IoT software development that covers engineering requirements.
  • IoT analytics enables companies to make informed decisions from data generated by the devices connected to the IoT cloud.
  • IoT application management, including support, troubleshooting, and Cloud management
  • Security management and regulatory compliance
  • Evolution Solution like application updates and expansions to support your changing business needs.

Big Data Services for Real Change

The analysis of big data can help companies maximize value and meet their business goals. To serve clients who benefit from big data environments, ParamInfo specializes in offering services such as consulting, development, implementation, operational support, and big data services as a service.

Choosing the right big data service

  • Big data consulting – provides real-time analytics and data storage, as well as uncovering hidden patterns and correlations in big data.
  • Big data implementation – using solution architecture and design, ML models’ development and setting up governance procedures
  • Big data support – in solution administration, backup & recovery, solution health checks, performance monitoring and troubleshooting with big data management.
  • Big data managed analytics services include solution infrastructure setup and Big data extraction and management.

Data Science Consulting Services

Data science services include data science consulting, development, and support to enable companies to run experiments on their data in search of business insights. ParamInfo has embraced data science in all its manifestations ranging from statistics to machine learning including its most recent technique to meet the individual analytical needs of our clients.

Services involved in Data Science

  • Analyzing business needs.
  • Obtaining data.
  • Model design and development for machine learning (ML)
  • Model tuning and evaluation
  • A format for delivering data science outputs
  • Training for users and administrators, data science consultations.

AI-powered software development

In the context of AI implementation, software development entails developing new software or automating existing software so that AI analytics results can be presented to users, such as blocking fraudulent payments or triggering actions based on them.  Applications that make use of AI can streamline processes, personalize service delivery, and analyze specific business metrics.

A Pathway for Developing AI Capable Software

Both the complexity and the time required to develop the initial feature, as well as how you wish to get artificial intelligence incorporated into it, will influence the duration and sequence of the development stages.

Feasibility study

Explores the broader scope of software requirements and identifies the priorities, timeline, budget, and risks.

Business analysis to identify AI requirements

Defining the relevant technical and non-technical requirements for a system, such as the required level of accuracy, clarity, privacy, & time taken.

Designing solutions

Process selection for integrating systems. Building an architecture that will integrate its modules, as well as integrate a module for artificial intelligence.

Process preparation

To increase the chances of successful implementation and adoption of AI in business-critical software.

Software development

– involves developing both user interfaces and back-ends of the software, and testing to ensure quality in software development.

Developing modules

to increase the quality of AI deliverables, consolidating data, performing exploratory analysis, and Cleansing data.


Pilot deployment to a limited number of software users is made to verify the functionality of AI integration with target software and compatibility and perform tests.


Resolving bugs and issues of integration in software. Tracking and fixing such bugs and monitoring of ML model performance to detect a trend.


The purpose of blockchain development services is to build secure and independent blockchain networks that could be used to establish new business models and provide businesses with greater access to their data. ParamInfo offers integrated blockchain software and application development.


Our Blockchain Solutions

Consulting and Development of Image Analysis Software

The use of image analysis in medical device manufacturing helps manufacturers and researchers avoid clinical errors, unnecessary tests, and diagnostic error cases. By integrating healthcare IT, ParamInfo delivers image-based apps that complement doctors’ knowledge with advanced techniques.

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Identifying areas that need further analysis, in-depth analyses of certain topics, etc.


Assigning labels or classifying objects to digital images according to one or more object categories, such as people, vehicles, and electronic components.


Classifying the objects with greater precision based on individual features in order to acknowledge specific people, vehicles, animal species, and device models.

Face Recognition

It is used to identify the face of an individual, for exclusive services, to pinpoint suspects, and for theft prevention and security.

Detecting Emotions

The process of assessing the level of satisfaction with a customer to determine the best course of action.

Grades and Sorting

Analyzing object quality to streamline the classification and sorting process.

Monitoring Quality

Checking in for flaws, unidentified material, blemishes, and missing components for quality assurance.


Analysing the number of similar objects in a warehouse or on a production line using an optical system.

Organize Visual Data

Organizing visual information and indexing visual databases 

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