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As part of its commitment to transparency over its technologies, ParamInfo and its subsidiaries and affiliates are committed to ensuring the privacy of users. When you use or visit a website or app that posts a link to this Cookie Policy, you will be able to see how and why cookies, web beacons, pixels, and other technologies are stored on and accessed from your device.

We recommend that you read our Cookie Policy in conjunction with our  Privacy Policy and Terms of use.

Cookies and Other Tracking Technologies

Cookies are small text files that can be stored on your device and can be accessed as and when you visit one of our sites if you agree. Other tracking technologies work similarly to cookies by placing small data files on your device or by monitoring your website activity to allow us to collect information about how you use our Sites. Our Sites can then distinguish your device from those of other users.

The other tracking technologies also fall within the scope of the information provided about cookies.

Using Cookies and Other Tracking Technologies

Our site uses cookies and other tracking technologies to ensure you are identified and redirected to the correct page, to remember your preferences, and to measure how you use our site. Besides that, we use them to control access to certain content on our Sites, protect the Sites, and to process any requests that you make of us.

ParamInfo also works with third-party providers to track and analyze usage statistics and volume information for our Sites in an effort to administer and research them. They use persistent cookies to improve our Sites’ user experience, manage our content, and analyze visitors’ navigation and use.

Cookies from first and third parties

A ‘First party cookies’ are one that belongs to ParamInfo and is placed on your device by ParamInfo. And “Third-party cookies” are those placed on your computer by another party through our Site.

In order to send e-mails to users with contact information that we have collected, ParamInfo contracts with third-party service providers.

ParamInfo may contract with third-party service providers to send e-mails to users who have provided us with their contact information.

To help measure and improve the effectiveness of our e-mail communications, and/or to determine whether messages have been opened and links clicked on, the third-party service providers may place Cookies on the devices of these users.


We may use the following types of cookies, depending on the Site:


Persistent Cookies. For a better experience, while browsing the Sites, we use persistent cookies. As part of this, we will record your acceptance of our Cookie Policy when you first use the Sites. By accepting our Cookie Policy, you will be able to remove the cookie message.

Session Cookies. These cookies are temporary cookies that are created during a session are temporary, and they are discarded when you close your web browser. Session cookies are used to track internet activity.

By changing the appropriate settings on your browser, you can refuse to accept browser cookies. Although this setting may prevent you from accessing certain sites, it may not prevent you from accessing certain parts.

As long as your browser is not set to reject Cookies, our system will issue cookies when you navigate to our Sites.

We will not keep personal information collected through the Sites and/or through cookies placed on your computer for longer than necessary to fulfill the stated purposes.


These cookies are used for the following purposes:


Cookie Type Purpose
Strictly Necessary/Technical We use these Cookies to operate our Sites so you can access them as you have requested. They are essential for us. They help us determine activities, for e.g whether a visitor has created an account and has logged into that account in order to access Site content. Additionally, they allow us to remember your previous actions within the same browsing session and ensure the security of our Sites.

By using these Cookies, we or our third-party service providers can analyze how well the Sites are being used and how effective they are. By placing these cookies, we can track how frequently visitors visit various documents on our site, as well as the location from which they originate.

If you subscribe to a newsletter or otherwise register with the Sites, these cookies may be correlated to you. These Cookies include, for example, Google Analytics cookies.

Cookies may also be linked to you if you register for a newsletter or otherwise use the Sites.


Functionality With these cookies, we can operate the Site according to your preferences. By using these cookies, we can remember you between sessions. By recognizing your user name, and remembering how you have customized the Sites and services, we will be able to provide you with the same functionality in future visits, for example, by adjusting fonts, sizes, languages, and other parts of web pages that can be altered.
Third-Party Advertising

To provide you with targeted advertising, we collect information about the activities you undertake on these and other sites through these Cookies

We may also allow our third-party service providers to use Cookies on the Sites for the same purposes identified above, including collecting information about your online activities over time and across different websites. The third-party service providers that generate these cookies, such as GoogleLinkedIn, and Facebook, have their own privacy policies and may use their Cookies to target advertising to you on other websites, based on your visit to our Sites.

Not a good idea to add the above content, but eventually, we do allow social media to perform the activity


The process to withdraw consent to the use of Cookies

In order to prevent Cookies from being placed on your computer, you can adjust the settings of your Internet browser so that it rejects the setting of all Cookies or only certain Cookies and alerts you when Cookies are being placed.

For further information about how to do so, please refer to your browser ‘help’/‘tool’ or ‘edit’ section or see .

Important Note:-

Using your browser settings to block all cookies (including strictly necessary Cookies) may prevent you from accessing or using parts or all of our Sites.

You can remove previously-stored Cookies at any time by manually deleting them. However, unless you adjust your Internet browser setting as described above, the Sites will still be able to place further Cookies on your device.


 Other Tracking Technologies in our communications

ParamInfo may collect information about whether you open or click any links in the knowledge, research, or event communications that we send to you through web beacons.

A web beacon is a graphic image, which is placed on a website or in an email that alone or in conjunction with cookies compile information about your usage of or your interaction with a ParamInfo website or email. For example, we may add web beacons to the knowledge, research, or event communications that we send to you to determine whether you have opened our email or clicked a link. The analysis gathered helps us improve the effectiveness of the content and format of our websites and email communications.

The knowledge, research, or event communications that ParamInfo sends to you may contain web beacons that collect information about whether you open them or click on links.

Websites and emails contain web beacons that can compile information. Web beacons work with cookies to gather information. They are a small graphic image that is placed on a website or in an email that, alone or in conjunction with cookies, compiles information about the way you use or interact with the ParamInfo website or email.

For instance, If we’re communicating with you via email, research, or events, we will probably include web beacons to determine whether you have opened our email or clicked on a link. This indirectly helps us to improve the content and format of our websites and email communications.


The process to withdraw consent to the use of Web Beacons

You can prevent web beacons by disabling the feature that allows remote images to load in your email reader program and refraining from clicking links in email messages.



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