Fetch Customer Opinion and Reveal their Level of Satisfaction

An ideal customer feedback software solution for businesses to understand and execute changes that cater to their consumer’s preferences and satisfy their emotional well-being is by collecting their opinions through an online survey, obtaining their opinions, and determining how satisfied they are with the changes implemented.

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Feedback Mechanisms

Once you have defined your questions and selected the answer choices, you are ready to distribute your survey via weblink, email, website, and social media. One can collect responses, using a variety of ways, such as using a deployment mechanism, deploying a response aggregator, or using a submission accumulator.

It’s time to start collecting feedback! Set up an automatic web link to email or post on your website once you have designed your survey. piHappiness’s survey response tracking feature keeps track of people who haven’t responded to your survey and lets you send them reminders.

Introducing Pre-Built & Customizable Templates

piHappiness offers a number of templates to encourage conversation. Create a survey that will compel respondents to complete it, you can use one of the pre-designed survey templates from the library or create your own to chase your customers. Use themes and layouts as design elements to show off your brand’s best features.


Increase Reachability. Discover More!

Reach out to maximum audience by sending surveys through various channels organized in piHappiness and share responses to social media platforms. 

  • Email
  • Personal Link
  • SMS
  • Weblinks
  • Offline Mode
  • QR Code
  • Social Media
  • Website

Organize Hierarchies and Manage User Roles

The piHappiness platform features hierarchical features allowing you to manage user roles according to organizational structures, create multiple entities within one company and create surveys for each division or unit, and even anticipate customer satisfaction based on the results of surveys.

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