Reconstructing Business Safety and Security Using Technology…

Enhance your efficiency in front-desk using smart, versatile and secure sign-in visitor system. Get your visitor’s attraction with piLobi’s digitized reception system.

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Get Better At Your Visitor Managing Process As We Give You Integrated Features In Pilobi

Ours is the best solution that helps you optimize your entire visitor managing process. It is the quick and easy way to check the visitor entry process and our solution enables real-time notification of the host.

We are a useful and comprehensive platform that gives you all features of visitor management system. Visitors can now really fast sign-in with the help of piLobi software for visitor management. It brings down the workload at your reception and gives you more economical operation in the front desk.

Quick check-in

  • Supports Visitors Watchlist
  • Multi-Lingual
  • Reports
  • Flexible Platform
  • E-Mail and SMS

Supports Customised

  • Supports OCR 
  • ID Card reader 
  • Auto-fill features
  • Visitor’s Basic Info

Control Environment

  • Web-based
  • Access Control,
  • Elevator Control,
  • Video Linkage,
  • Parking, etc…

Smart plus Secure

  • Visitor Badges
  • including Receipts
  • Stricker
  • Printed Card
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piLOBI’s System of Visitor Management

The most secured approach towards identification, management and tracking visitors. With our advanced software that caters to advanced security processes for your visitors, we are the forerunners in providing you exceptional services.

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Visits and Meetings

Visitor management kiosks and self-registration Self-check in planned meetings by the online portal and visit logs at reception.

Attendance of employee

Employees have the option to check-in using an ID number. Alternately, they have the option to track check-in and check-out times of the employees.

Enhance Security

Increase visibility and thus enhance the security of upcoming, current, and historic visitor reports by entity, location & various other demographics.

Visitor Badges

Prints custom visitor badges that help employees easily recognize visitors as well as their credentials, clearance levels, and access duration.

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