We have expertise on all the major platforms and technologies and are always learning innovative trends in technology. The technologies we have on offer are:



With this application development, we use the engineering of powerful mobile and web applications, web services, also embedded solutions in software that can run on any platform having Java framework and language.
We come with commendable command over the language and are committed to build sustainable plus high end Java solutions with the help of most trusted and advanced architecture patterns and trusted techs.


This applications most of the time worked under in C#, Visual Basic, or F# with the help of .NET Framework. Coming with experience in the .NET platform along with other Microsoft technologies, we deliver quick, reliable, and scalable .NET based applications and empower them with the help of cloud integration, and integrate with the software from third-party.
We have a huge number of years of experience and are partnered with several Microsoft competencies like Application Development, Data Platform, Cloud Platform, Application Integration etc.
We come with mature process of development and take sustainable decisions in our designing process so that we can meet the deadlines and introduce the changes fast. We also help in utilizing the power of AI, IOT and big data in the applications that are advanced .NET based.



ParamInfo has experienced data scientists and python developers who ensure the right code on very first attempt, timely delivery, and really high productivity. We provide flexible services write from filling specified Python skill gaps to giving you python developers who self-manage.
We have a high-performing Python architects and programmers plus a huge pool of experts who can effectively manage working time, work independently, provide value without detailed description of task and hand-holding.


This too is an open-source JavaScript runtime application that takes care of software’s server-side development that will operate seamlessly in a data-intense, real-time environment. These benefits make Node.js the most reliable and feasible in software and IoT applications for all types of software related functions like multi-user communication, collaboration and ecommerce transactions.
We are a dedicated team of developers and serve you with turn-key development taking Node.js at its core. We come with cutting-edge technologies like computer vision, IoT, big data, machine learning, AR, blockchain, etc. With our matured development practices in DevOps, Agile, and team/project management, we are the best you can have.



This is a client-side language that helps to create dynamic content for all websites. Powered through Node.js, this language serves as a super speedy server-side programming language for the complete application to get coded in the language. The developers using this language use JavaScript to create highly interactive mobile and web applications at a fast paced loading time.

React Native Developers

ParamInfo has expert React Native Developers who can create really clean code that are based on cross-code mode and can be run on Android, web, iOS and helps in reducing up to half the costs and time of projects with multiple platform targeting.
We provide highly KPI controlled and productive talents in the language and get access to a huge pool of expert engineers and consultants in other technologies also if it is needed to be incorporated in your project.



PHP has been useful in powering up almost major part of the web. It is the language used in almost all the powerful and globally recognized websites, like website for White House, Slack, Flickr, Facebook, and Wikipedia. This happens to be the basis for most of the current web services, content management systems (CMS), B2C and B2B applications, also ecommerce solutions.
With a long queue of experts in the domain and having years of experience, our PHP developers help you use most of the PHP based software that brings high performance, can run on any OS, at a much lower cost, and are easy to troubleshoot.

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