Test Automation Services

QA Automation that is Scalable and Served On-Demand

With the help of our QA automation services, we can support your company’s operations by employing automated test releases to shorten the time to market, increase test coverage, and provide different testing platforms at low cost. We have used the software test automation strategy to address Quality Analysis snags on various projects.

Test Automation Services

Test Automation

Our Test Automation services help you improve up to 80% of your test coverage. We are a leading QA Automation Testing Company that adheres to the approach of standardized automation so that enterprises can speed up their testing process. The availability of multiple user devices, multiple environments, and integrations using third-party services makes sure there is better coverage, cost savings and high reusability for a long-term interval. ParamInfo delivers complete services in automation services after carefully considering the QA processes and software requirements. Our comprehensive test automation has been found to be effective in successfully handling testing requirements for the global customer base and the Fortune 500 companies.

  • Evaluating automation needs plus business targets
  • Picking the framework for test automation and tools that generate high returns
  • Structure out the preparation of test data, test integration, and development of test automation in CD/CI
  • Periodically reviewing test suites to ensure testing quality
Test Automation Services

The Services in Security Testing is Provided to Stop System Breaches

The dynamic application services in security testing effectively bring out vulnerabilities in software to create minimal risk and make sure there is better scalability and application security. We have a comprehensive service of security testing to unearth the system weaknesses with a focus on minimizing risks and targeting better quality guarantees. We use a reliable cybersecurity structure to help businesses maintain the continuity of their business through security validation services with the help of potent technologies (SAP, Cloud, and IoT).

  • Security Test Techniques – Implementing the next-generation techniques so that cross-site scripting can be checked.
  • Security Testing Projects for Multiple Domains – High-end capability in mobile, desktop, and client-server apps for all businesses belonging to several industry sectors.
  • Follow the Industry Guidelines – Following the Open Web Security Project guidelines along with other professional industry standards.
  • Vulnerability Update – Detailed info regarding actual threats to security to highlight critical vulnerabilities along with false positives to implement fast remediation plans.
Test Automation Services

Better Returns Using Our Quality Assured Services of Usability Testing to Deliver Seamless User Interface and Moderated UX to all Your Customers

Usability testing is a crucial step for your business to be in a position to deliver your customers the easy access required to deliver your product. ParamInfo provides a complete system of usability testing services, which is provided using the strategic go-to-market partnership with several platforms having global clientele. This enables improved quality and UX of your apps, fastens innovation of software for your business.

Test Automation Services

Complete Functional Testing Facilities to Create Digital Software Apps

We are involved in automated testing of the functional elements for the fast delivery of software and approval of the end-user. We are dedicated in the field of functional testing along with making sure reliability and stability of software before it comes into the product stage. ParamInfo delivers both the automated and the manual testing solutions to provide a rather optimal approach towards hasting up the functional testing processes for your project.

  • Huge Team of Certified Testers – A team of certified testers who come with practical expertise in several application models like DevOps and Agile.
  • 100+ Successful Projects – Functionality testing that can be trusted are offered to clients worldwide where most of the companies we serve are Fortune 500.
  • Collaborating with Automated Tool – Strategic partnerships with both commercial and open-source automation tool vendors
  • Error Reporting in Details – Functional testing an enterprise that can manage quick flaw reporting by highlighting the main reasons behind the primary vulnerabilities.
Test Automation Services

Performance Testing

We come with a reputation of being a leading performance testing enterprise and perform complete load and performance testing expertise for a huge number of software applications including cloud databases, client-server, mobile, and app.

ParamInfo Ensures High Responsiveness of Our Software Apps

We have an adept team who are QA performance testing experts who can perform QA testing services and can carry out a comprehensive investigation to deliver useful and practical recommendations that talk about improving performance. We come with high-end knowledge related to open-source tools along with several application technologies. Each of the global customers can leverage our latest cost model that is extremely helpful for the clients when it is about assessing the performance of the application. 

Using our Advanced Performance Testing Services, we have:

  • 40% QA costs reduced – as we have automated performance testing in close combination with highly efficient IT systems, it enables swift execution at all the test cases and lessened operational cost.
  • 40+ Performance Testers with Certification – Our team comes with highly certified engineers who are ready to comply with client-side performance plus services on load testing.
  • Advanced Customer Service – With our expert customer service, we take less transaction time also fewer failures and freezes to provide higher customer engagement.
  • Labs based on Cloud Solutions – Presence of our cloud application labs that to make sure the demands of flexibility are met by stimulating the real-life actual traffic.
  • Application Performance Monitor – Our APM allows regular tracking of the performance metrics for desktop, mobile, and web-based apps.

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