Managed IT Services

With Managed IT Services, Your Business Can Defeat the Best Competition

Managed Cloud Solutions

With our expertise in DevOps, we provide managed services to several businesses and development teams. Our experts can guide the team to exploit benefits of  cloud and ensure that their environment works efficiently.

Digital Operations

The Digital Transformation initiative requires more than just core technologies to be effective. We provide our clients with professional services and business re-engineering.

Technology Services

We have specialized teams to assist you in scaling your Digital applications with any technology. Our expertise can help you create technology-driven digital business solutions that suit your business.

Balance Agility and Freedom with Effective IT Operations and Management

An essential part of any business is information technology. In order to provide comprehensive IT management and operations, we utilize our agile services to balance the entire web function.

Consulting Services

With the deep knowledge our consultants have of the technology, we are able to continuously track the trends and ask what the real implications it would bring for our clients. We additionally seek the insights of our clients as it is critical towards shaping the evolution of managed services.

System Integration

With a talented systems integration workforce to manage all the aspects of solutions design with implementation having strong emphasis on interoperability, our Managed Services team works in close proximity of with your operations and application management.

Advanced technologies

We enable a flexible and seamless structure helping businesses to create fine application management services (AMS) for their business and IT. We provide a complete range of industry-leading services that include digital, ERP, system integration and information management. We span our expertise across all major platforms and technologies, and are moving towards technology trends that are highly innovative.

Providing Best Managed IT Services

System Stability, performance and availability are actually crucial when it comes to run any business well. Managed Services provided by us gives any of our clients or decision makers have control over the services that would be managed by the IT company and also take note of the ones that would be kept in-house.

Manage workplace

Ensuring that all the workforce of your business has the necessary tools to perform wherever and at whatever condition they require to. This also comes with the right kind and level of support.

Manage Infrastructure

A managed service for infrastructure helps to increase the availability and up-time of your infrastructure reducing the costs and difficulties associated with self-managing infrastructure.

Managing Operations

Along with the management of ongoing operations along both business specific and generic applications, with handling of owned plus outsourced services, taking into account licence management and moreover the cloud models of pay-as-you-go.

Communication & Network

Excellent performance plus availability across business networks, we come with recognized industry expertise and have right capability of designing, building, and managing your business network. We have a excellent skilled team, management tools and automated processes to deliver consistent levels of service and almost real-time management insight that’s data driven.

Identity, risk, and security management

Acquiring the level of compliance and being able to sustain secure and undeterred business functions, with specific stress on the management of confidentiality throughout the extended business, ParamInfo is best at risk management, security and identity.

Advanced Connectivity

With the focus on several services that are related to connectivity, we provide secure, capable and flexible network. We have APIs required third parties that could be used for leveraging the connectivity capacities and assets.

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