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Jobs in UAE are sought after not just by Indians but also by westerners for their high salaries and generous benefits including no tax on income. Dubai has become a famous travel destination because of its shopping facilities, fine cuisine, luxurious accommodations, and modern architecture. The city attracts numerous major corporations that wish to capitalize on the fast growth of the UAE. For this reason, job opportunities in UAE are aplenty. In this article, we provide you details about in-demand jobs in UAE and their pay packages.


Average pay packet: AED 60.9K ($16.6K)

Accountants who are well versed in database and spreadsheet software are in demand. They should have critical thinking and problem-solving skills and be capable of performing intricate financial analysis. Apart from IT jobs in UAE, accountancy is also a popular vocation as professionals are needed in all sectors and industries. Certified and chartered accountants are given preference especially if they have good credentials and experience. Senior management accountants can earn up to four times the monthly salary of a general accountant.

Mechanical Engineer

Average pay packet: AED 79.3K ($21.6K)

Not just software jobs in UAE, but mechanical engineering openings also offer lucrative salaries. Mechanical engineers are needed in Dubai’s aviation and automotive industries, and they are also employed in the construction sector to build and maintain elevators, electrical generators, and air and heating systems.

In addition, they can design medical equipment and devices for the medical sector. Apart from a bachelor’s or master’s degree in mechanical engineering, employers prefer those with soft skills like teamwork, creativity, and problem-solving.

Electrical Engineer

Average pay packet: AED 85K ($23.1K)

Electrical engineers collaborate with mechanical engineers to design and develop electrical elements that provide power to the machinery built by their colleagues. These professionals are in demand in the medical, aviation, automotive, navigation, and telecommunications fields. Electrical engineers need soft and technical skills such as creativity, communication, critical thinking, and time management, and a good comprehension of computer coding and electrical circuitry.

Civil Engineer

Average pay packet: AED 88K ($24K)

Equal to IT jobs in UAE, civil engineer openings are also in great demand. Dubai is a man-made modern wonder that boasts large shopping malls, tall skyscrapers and other architectural wonders built by expert civil engineers. They are also needed to construct dams, waterways, bridges, airports, streets, and buildings.

Civil engineers are required to work with government employees, construction workers, architects, and others so they need good negotiation and communication skills as well as fluency in Arabic and English. In addition, they should be well versed in local building regulations and laws.

Project Engineer

Average packet: AED 121.9K ($33.2K)

Project engineers need to have credentials in a range of engineering types, including the above three. The position is supervisory and involves coordination of work teams and approval of budgets in major manufacturing, design, and construction ventures. Plus, you need to have the needed expertise and skills to analyze all aspects of a project and create suitable solutions for any issues. Employers prefer those with strong interpersonal and leadership abilities as you’ll be working together with diverse departments.

Business Development Manager

Average pay packet: AED 185.4K ($50.5K)

A business development manager assists to grow a firm’s client list and profile. You’ll be leading marketing and sales teams, and also help to find fresh business relationships and maintain and enhance existing ones. Candidates should be skilled in negotiation and persuasion practices. Employers ask for a bachelor’s or master’s degree in marketing, business, or linked field.

Operations Manager

Average pay packet: AED 210.8K ($57.4K)

The best job opportunities in Dubai are in vocations that require candidates to display great responsibility. For instance, operations managers need to supervise all processes to ensure the company’s profit and peak productivity. They are required to oversee department budgets, manufacturing operations, workflow, and staffing. For this job, you need top notch time management, communication, and organizational abilities. Experienced candidates are preferred by employers, so highlight your accomplishments and relevant work history in your resume.

Other In-Demand and High-Paying Jobs in Dubai

➜ Financial planning analysts ($82.2K to $123.5K)

➜ Finance managers ($103K to $165K)

➜ Senior counsel ($89K to $220.5K)

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