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Mobile phones have become ubiquitous these days and people use them for just about all purposes. Some old-fashioned individuals are still hanging to their basic phones, but mobile app developers are not bothered about them.

Any good mobile app development company needs to keep itself updated on the latest trends impacting e-commerce app development. This landscape is continuously changing and past strategies have become obsolete. To help app developers, this article reveals important trends in e-commerce app development that they should be aware of.

Focus is on the User Experience

A competent mobile application development company prioritizes customer experience and addresses their needs and issues. This enables their clients to more effectively market their products and services. Therefore, this important trend should be noted by mobile app developers.

A small mobile app development company may not be able to offer advanced bells and whistles. But they should make the effort to cover all the basic features and make the mobile app speedy and efficient. Plus, the e-commerce business should deliver support on multiple channels so that customers are not made to wait for a long time.

Live Commerce App

Any forward-looking mobile application development company should update itself on this trend. Live commerce is a live video streaming service that is offered to merchants to help them sell their goods faster utilizing live video streaming. Retail brands can leverage live video e-commerce to motivate their customers to buy their products.

A live commerce app offers many advantages such as enhanced brand awareness as you can reach out to millions of new consumers who may not know about your business or brand. You can also increase the number of conversions as a majority of consumers find videos useful in making buying decisions. Plus, you can build trust by employing professional app developers to build an efficient live commerce app for your business.

Another advantage is since live commerce is a new field you can gain first-mover benefit and score over your competitors. Finally, by boosting your conversions and sales, the live commerce app can increase the ROI of your e-commerce business.

Use of Internet of Things (IoT) to Capture Data

IoT is a technology that creates a connected world and it can be utilized by a resourceful mobile app development company. IoT connects devices which makes it easier to share information. Thus, this technology offers plenty of opportunities for progressive e-tailers.

E-commerce businesses can collect customer data using IoT and leverage it to personalize their marketing initiatives. Plus, e-tailers can also obtain information about the offline activities of their target audience. This trend can only be expected to grow as the number of IoT-connected devices increases.

Multiple Payment Options

An e-tailer may offer quality products and services, but could still lag behind in sales if they do not use modern and convenient payment gateways. Today’s consumers are very tech-savvy and go beyond using basic credit and debits cards for their purchases. Therefore, merchants need to cater to this market too.

By offering multiple payment options, sellers can build stronger relationships with consumers. Customers are using digital wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay, and even cryptocurrency to make payments for their purchases. Therefore, forward-looking e-tailers should offer these convenient payment methods to their customers to keep up with the trend.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)-Powered Chatbots

It is difficult for a company to offer human customer support round the clock. The solution is to invest in AI-run chatbots that can work at any time of the day or night and do not need benefits or time-off. This technology thus enables businesses to provide 24/7 support to consumers on their website.

Moreover, chatbots are able to swiftly provide the correct answers to customer queries which is important because buyers will not complete their purchase until they get effective solutions for their issues. Thus, chatbots can have a direct impact on conversions and sales. For this reason, AI-powered chatbots have become an integral aspect of e-commerce app development and should not be ignored by any e-tailer.

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