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ParamInfo is one of the leading product development companies that came with 10 years of experience in UI/UX. Based on what we know and our expertise, we have made a list of top product design businesses that would flourish and make a mark for itself in 2022. It comes with everything that you need to know to evaluate, also pick the product that suits your business the best.  

Apart from conducting a critical analysis of the top product design companies, we would help you in better understanding of a product designer, how your product design is different from web design, what is function of product design firms, also how to find the best product design firm that you could collaborate with.  

The work of writing this article is also to answer:  

  1. How much might just be the cost of hiring a product design company.  
  1. The method of critically analysing the quality of earlier works.  
  1. What is a product design process and what it is getting used for? 
  1. What is meant by product design process and its usage?  
  1. What could a business do to improve its client’s product design?  

In case you are looking for your product design in web/online format, there are several brands waiting to take up the job. Listed in the article are 10 of the world’s best UI/UX companies that are so far making the best:  

Best 10 product design businesses:  

There are many big companies in every sector of business that has marked their niche and have a dedicated customer base. In the market of design and development, these are product companies with huge customer base. However, small agencies could often give you higher flexibility, niche expertise, and attention to your clients.  

Check the list we prepared of our top design companies that cater to multiple dimensions of client requirements:  


This is one of the topmost product development agencies that stands better in cloud solution businesses. The brand works with businesses to totally change the Legacy products into the Cloud adaptable market. The firm belief of the company is that partnering on Product Engineering is far greater than creating engineering capacity. It would require the businesses to create alignment with strategic business needs and also having the ability of driving innovation with high velocity of R&D execution.  

The team comprises of UX designers, product engineers also business analysts that would enable the validation of feasibility of the ideas you possess, creation of a prototype, and create one outline of the vision that enables the future development based out of real data.  

The team works on UX decision on designs based out of detailed research about the target audience that your enterprise caters to and collect their behavioural pattern, the needs of your clients and issues. The team then creates eye catching design plus intuitive interfaces that would give your users classic and outstanding experience.  

We work on customized tools to enable brands collect authentic user feedback. This would further help understand how people mingle with every element of the software. You enable possibilities of growth and brand enhancement.  

UX Studio  

A European product design brand that won many accolades with companies globally. In 2020 April, this brand became the official Zeplin agency member amongst the fastest-growing brands globally.  

The brand deft in product management, thinking strategically, plus agile transformation, they are continuously striving to be more than mere design agency. The are working endlessly to dedicate their best and most competent design and research experts to work with their clients and partners as one true extension of their core team.  

They are completely on their toes helping the partners design products that create impact and have fun while they work. They work as partners with growing start-ups also enterprises like HBO, Netflix, Google, etc.  

Apart from offering B2B research and design services, they also conduct product design courses twice in a year, where they extend training in proven design and share their expertise plus knowledge with this world. They have built an exclusive digital product: the UX folio. It is one online portfolio builder, currently used by more than 30,000 designers across the globe.  


This is one private software development business delving in the market for more than 20 years. It is amongst the pioneers that has transferred to its clients’ account to the cloud, so the end -users can use.  

The enterprise employs above 500 young professionals in design and development, in testing, quality assurance, and blockchain solutions. Design plus consulting bring about roughly around 5 percent of its complete blockchain solutions. It has a team of skilled software engineers located across different countries like Germany, USA, UK, and Germany for its sales operations, and Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine for software.  

The company works in the core areas like software plus mobile development, blockchain testing, solutions, plus quality assurance. Design plus consulting constitute approximately 5 percent of the complete service portfolio. It’s mobile app development constitutes 20%, software development 20%, testing services 5%, maintenance and support 10%, Big Data and BI 20%, other services 20%, Blockchain technology 20%.  

Alpana could be a sturdy and profitable business partner for many business requirement. It comes with a diverse client portfolio as well. The projects worthy of mention are MS SharePoint benchmarking tool design and development, creating of mobile application for brands like Starbucks Russia, and bank mobile testing app OTP.  

Wandr Studio  

This is a young product and design business that runs from Los Angeles, USA. The founder comes with more than 10 years in business marketing. Around 2016, the company was built is today working with some 23 product development people from across the globe who build digital products. Even when it is a start up and has been relatively new in the market, it comes with notable clients like Samsung, World Wide Fund for Nature, or Adobe. According to software stalwarts, 60 percent of the Wonder’s clients come from the big businesses in fintech, transportation, and IT industries.  

It comes with a service portfolio that’s quite wide and focuses on UX design, research, plus brand development.  


A reputed product design company that got honoured by San Francisco Design week 2020. In the year 2010, an exceptionally creative and talented team of designers, strategists, and engineers came together under this umbrella to help clients create better web presence for themselves.  

This is a prominent and much famed design and technology company that has teamed up with companies like Facebook, Mailchimp, and Google. The enterprise functions in helping businesses critically evaluate interaction with their users, plan, plus design, also build products from the beginning. As one competitive advantage, Beyond looks towards maintaining close relationship with its clients to help their businesses surmount challenges, build plus release digital merchandise in the market. This brand has worked with businesses of both small-scale and medium size from the IT and media industries.  


This one is a privately held USA product design firm that was established in 2007 in the Greater Philadelphia areas. This is also a start up with 105 employees spread in three offices in the USA. The company offers services across a wide range of digital fields like strategy, user testing, research, consulting to software, CRM development, and product design. Johnson and Johnson, JP Morgan, Chase & Co, Byada Home Healthcare,  and Transamerica are among their well-known clients.  

Echo & Co 

This company works on the domain of product design plus development with additional social moto of promoting environmental wellness throughout the globe. The business works on supporting and creating equal opportunities for people from all communities, be it the Africans or Southeast Asian, or the LGBQT, also those with disabilities. They come together in one platform to create digital products inspiring others to succeed.  

They offer a wide range of services, like research, content writing, storytelling, branding, product design and development. The clients of repute are Greenpeace, Free Press, eco America, and World Food Program USA.   

According to the portfolio of the company, over 80 percent of the company’s clients constitute the big businesses within US alone. The team has worked with clients from several industries, like education, healthcare, media, environment, and social justice to name some.  


A highly recognized internationally acclaimed product design and development company. The vision of the company is to create one world where the digital experiences change lives of the people. Apart from designing digital products that value add in people’s lives, the team at Ustvo creates its own games. Moreover, this business also helps in creative minds build strong businesses through their investments in startups.  

Ustvo began as a small product design company in the UK and quickly built a team of 250 talented people working from several locations like London, Malmo, Sydney, and New York. The team works at tandem to create digital services and products that create a meaningful impact to the world.  

It comes with a diverse service portfolio where the team is skilled at product design, developing mobile apps, web development, UX, AR/VR development, and developing wearable app.  

Design First  

This is a pioneer in the product design industry. The company has worked in its domain for 26 years and bagged more than 750 projects. It is astounding that unique products have been designed and developed by a small team of 31 people. Founded by a product designer in 1996, this has grown to be one of Canada’s best product design firms. Based out of Ottawa, the company helps startups and businesses in industrial product manufacturing and design, web design, marketing support, and branding. It works with industrial design experts, UX professionals, and engineers in covering each step of the product design. Its clients worth mention is Lenovo, Stanley, We-Vibe, Tablo TV, and Ericsson.  


A product design and digital marketing firm that has its headquarters in Nashville another one in Lviv, Ukraine. The Company got built in 2016 and worked jointly with more than 300 global clients. Its talented web designers, marketers, developers, and project managers stand behind the company’s tremendous success.  

The company has strong focus on product design plus development. More than 70 percent of its client portfolio comes as starups and SMEs. Upquode has a defined online presence with more than 100 testimonials including famous companies like AmeriFreight, DOXO, ThinkTank, Blockchainlopp, and Lyngva.  

To Conclude – The Work of a Product Designer  

A product designer creates the user experience of the product. Apart from the creation of visual design, a skilled one can also identify the issues with product’s performance such as high bounce rate and low conversion rate.  

However, the job function of a product designer is constantly changing these days and changes a lot based on the company. In certain cases, a product designer could be responsible towards implementing minimal changes in front-end coding. Certain companies might use the nomenclature ‘UX designer’ to refer to product design tasks. It is recommended to check the description of a certain company to understand how its design team would divide responsibilities.  

The task of any product design company is to employ UX researchers, UX designers, also front-end developers. It helps companies to check and work on each step of the product design process also offer a wide scale of services in product design. As a thought leader within UX domain, we have conducted a survey throughout company representatives (PMs, CEOs, company owners, etc.) to understand more regarding the impact that UX design brings across any product life cycle.  

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham is a Senior Digital Marketing Manager at ParamInfo Computer Services Pvt Ltd. He is passionate about topics such as SaaS, productivity, Android and iOS, general technology, and business.

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