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Engaging customers before the dawn of the internet was hardly as complex as it is in today’s day and age. With the consumer demands growing rapidly day by day, the advent of eCommerce, the need for unique marketing, and much more, the 21st century has brought along a sleuth of ramifications for businesses in terms of serving their customers.

Online shopping has been one of the key determiners of these changes’ businesses have to adapt to. Nowadays, the eCommerce industry has a cutthroat competition environment, in which every competitor is trying to edge each other out in servicing their consumers better than the other.

So, what is it that the consumers want in their online shopping experience? What is it that will make them visit your website/platform without much convincing? Let us find out.

Assortment and Convenience are the KEYS to a Customer’s Heart

Providing consumers the ability to choose from a wide variety of products and services provides them with similar customer experience as with brick and mortar. Buying what they want after selecting the items on their own terms not only encourages them for rebuying, but also provides them with the satisfaction of doing so from the comfort of their home without having to visit an outlet or a store.

Moreover, offering products and services online that are not easily accessible in physical stores is another way of gaining a customer’s loyalty. Over 66% of the consumers are more interested in creating their own customer journeys according to a survey.

Assortments, hence, are a crucial factor in generating customer satisfaction. Couple this with convenience, and customers will have all that they need to come back and shop more on your website or platform. Offering optimum convenience to the customers can prove to be a decisive factor in retaining customers, as a seamless shopping experience with no hassles is what every customer needs.

To build up the website architecture to offer both assortment and convenience, it is important that your business consults a company like ParamInfo, which is an eCommerce web development company in Dubai, to ensure that the customers never have to work hard for finding the products they like. Building an impeccable website architecture for offering optimum convenience is what ParamInfo, with its team of eCommerce web developers in Dubai, does.

Attractive Content to Generate Awareness

State-of-the-art is not a term to be taken lightly while building your eCommerce platform. Customers nowadays can find the exact products or services that you’re selling from somewhere else with a single click on Google.

What sets you apart from your competitors is your content. Whether advertisements, promotional blogs, newsletters, marketing emails, multimedia content, or something else, customers always look for being impressed by any form of content sellers publish to engage with them.

Hence, it is imperative that your content strategy is top-notch and the content you put out is not only informative, but also aesthetically pleasing. For instance, if you have read this blog so far, it is probably because it is distributed into smaller sections that are easy to consume & understand, and convey the message in an engaging way.

Personalization Makes the Experience Personal

Consumers today are all on social media platforms, sharing their daily life updates or surfing through the internet, liking things they are interested in. They expect the online shopping platforms they visit to have relevant enough information to offer them a personalized shopping experience, with smart recommendations.

Over 76% of the consumers expect companies to have relevant enough information, and 63% of consumers expect to get a personalized online shopping experience across any channel because of it. Just going by this statistic, a consumer does not want to put much effort in when they visit any online shopping platform. Hence, personalizing the shopping experience with consumers’ consent to offer their social media for borrowing data can elevate their shopping experience to a whole new level.


Now that you know what consumers in the 21st century want out of their online shopping experience, you can consult a company like ParamInfo, which offers eCommerce website development in Dubai and other cities & countries as well. With elaborative expertise in catering to the eCommerce website development, ParamInfo also offers eCommerce web design services in Dubai to elevate the standards of your website, while also making it attractive to the consumers’ eyes. Contact ParamInfo today to learn more.

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