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A cloud phone system, also known as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) or Internet telephony, is a system that uses the internet instead of the traditional telephone lines. With the current Covid-19 situation, more and more businesses are offering their employees the opportunity to work from home. Therefore, they need to ensure that their communication system is upgraded so that they can run their business effectively while their employees work remotely.

The benefits that businesses can enjoy when they invest in cloud software to opt for cloud communications are:

Maintenance & Installation Cheaper and Quicker

There are no denying that setting up traditional and fixed communications inevitably requires a greater amount of time and higher installation charges. In addition to all of that, maintenance and adjustment costs are also high. Compared to the charges incurred by traditional modes of communications, cloud communication is far more inexpensive in terms of installation and maintenance costs. The entire process of installation is simple and fast and, once installed, the maintenance of the hardware takes very few hours each time. Moreover, being a hosted solution, businesses would be able to eliminate phone line bills indefinitely as cloud communication would only require internet connectivity.


There is a reason cloud software development is known for its flexibility.In the case of small businesses, the responsibility of staff members might vary daily. They might work from the office one day, their homes on the other, or they may even work while traveling. Hence, the working location keeps on changing frequently. Getting a hosted solution helps businesses to provide their employees with the elements to work professionally irrespective of their location. Through cloud communications, businesses can link personal contact of their employees to their office contact without additional costs or compromising on any feature.

Easy Monitoring & Management

The cloud communication system has been created by software developers in such a way so that businesses can have a centralized tool that can be monitored and secured as required. Through the system, the businesses can record calls for training purposes, view the active calls of their users, and view past calls. Whether it is a simple change or a complicated one, anything can be done with the push of a few buttons in this system. Through features like Virtual Conference Rooms, employees can easily collaborate with the clients or with each other from wherever they are. These conference room calls can also be recorded for future reference.

Improved Employee Retention

Businesses that encourage telecommuting have been observed to face an insistently increasing retention rate which can get as high as 10%. The flexibility offered by the cloud communication system allows employees to work in flexible work hours that highly increase their job satisfaction. Therefore, when the employees are happy with their employers, they tend to think less about changing their jobs, thus reducing personnel turnover. Hiring a new employee can cost as high as $4000, and the training of new employees requires additional expenses which can get difficult financially for both small and big businesses. With remote working, businesses using this system can enjoy some clear benefits in financial aspects and team spirit.

Positive Environment

Younger people tend to choose certain employers only if they are offering specific sustainable policies. For example, they tend to feel more motivated and satisfied when they are working for a company that is environment friendly. One of the main causes of air pollution is transportation. Remote working combined with cloud communications can effectively reduce the level of the carbon footprint as well as help in energy consumption optimization. Through cloud technology, all business calls can be routed via the office-cloud PBX and directed to the desired device used by the remote worker. Investing in this system, the business can not only have a positive impact on the environment but also reduce overall costs.


It can be concluded that a cloud-based communication system will not only match the cardinal requirements of the business such as increased employee productivity and employee retention, but it will also make work much easier and faster to complete. A good cloud software development company in dubai offers its clients with mobile app versions of their system so that employees can conduct meetings, take calls, and more without having to meet with their partners, clients, or colleagues personally.  By using the modern mode of communication, any business can adapt to the rising requirements of a remote workforce. 

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