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Weather is something that we look often when we wanted to go out or plan travel. Weather apps are your ideal companion when it comes to having an estimate of the weather and thereby lets you make informed decisions. Although the forecasting is the prominent feature of weather apps, they offer other important features as well. The weather forecast apps form an integral part of almost all the smartphones these days and are one of the most frequently accessed apps. Although the niche seems to be saturated, still there is plenty of space to encash in demand.

So, if you are looking for weather forecast app development, then you are in the right place. First and foremost you need to approach a mobile app development company for your project. Locating the best mobile app development company is half the job done. There are a plethora of mobile app development companies in Dubai and picking the best one seems like picking a needle from the haystack. If you are on the look for the best mobile app development company in Dubai, then ParamInfo is the trusted company. The company was founded in 2008 and boasts talented, certified and expertise app developers in Dubai, who are the best in the business. The developers carry the valuable experience of having delivered world-class mobile apps spread across multiple industries.

At ParamInfo, the app developers are equipped with advanced technical knowledge and latest industry trends. They make sure to build an app that fares well and stays ahead of the pack. But before you proceed with your project, you need to have an understanding of what it takes to develop a successful weather forecast app. If you are a startup or a new business looking for weather forecast app development, ensure to include the following important features in the app.

Features to include in a Weather Forecast app

1) Sunrise and Sunset:

The app must offer exact details of the expected sunrise and sunset time. It offers an estimate of the length of the day.

2) Rain Forecast:

It is an important feature and offers an estimate of the percent chances of rain in the day. Apart, it also lets you know the possibility of cloudy and non-cloudy conditions.

3) Humidity & Visibility:

They are very critical parameters if the user plans to go on a long drive.

4) Wind Speed and Intensity:

Although the feature may not offer much help to the regular commuters. But it is a very valuable information para-gliders, kite-surfers, sailors and windsurfers.

5) Weather Forecast:

The prime objective of any weather app is the ability to display the weather minute basis accurately, hourly, daily, weekly and even monthly.

6) Climate Map:

It is mostly used for education and scientific purposes. It displays complete climate information ranging from humidity, temperature, air temperature, sea level, and carbon dioxide level and so on.

Types of Weather Apps

1) Climate Apps:

These apps encompass plenty of functionalities and indicates the climate changes over varying time periods such as day, week and month. Apart the user gets the chance to know the sea level, ozone, gravity field, percentage of carbon dioxide and oxygen in the air and so on.

2) Forecast Apps:

They form the most prominent types of weather apps. The apps make a forecast of the climate based on the location services. The standard features of the app offer daily, weekly and monthly forecast data and plenty of embedded widgets. Most of the features are offered for free, but you need to pay for additional features.

3) Image of Changes:

These types of apps are used for education and entertainment purposes. The main objective of such apps is to showcase the climate changes over a certain time period.

Other Must-Have Features You May Consider

1) Smart Notifications:

They are synonymous to push notifications and updates the user about the latest weather condition. The features come in handy and lets the user carry an umbrella in case of rain and guard against sunstroke or high U.V rays.

2) Hyperlocal-Forecast:

The feature predicts storms, rains and other changes with per minute accuracy based on the current user location. The developers make use of Dark Sky API for access to this data.

3) Dazzling Weather Visualizations:

Embedding the apps with beautiful maps attracts the user and entices them to spend longer time on the apps. The feature lets the users explore the past and future weather data. Open weather API acts as a source for this type of data.

At this point in time, you might be wondering how developers gather accurate data from time to time. The answer lies in the dependence on various API’s that include Dark Sky, Weather underground, and Open Mother app.

APIs Offering Accurate Weather Data

1) Dark Sky:

This API lets the developers gather hyperlocal climate forecasts along with weekly forecasts. The API offers a snapshot of the current climate conditions in the area. It provides granular minute by minute predictions like it would rain in 12 minutes rather making vague predictions of the chances of rain.

2) Weather Underground:

This API has a legacy if delivering the most accurate predictions. It is a hyperlocal weather app and displays that shows the temperature and weather of the area. The Weather underground leverages data from its own network of around 1,80,000 private weather stations.

3) Open Weather App:

The API enables app developers to gather weather data of around 2,00,000 cities using 4,00,000 weather stations located around the world. It offers historical climate information spanning from one month to five years, data on air pollution, UV index.

Approximate Cost for Developing a Weather Mobile App

The cost of weather mobile app development varies depending on app complexity and integrated features. The cost of developing an app further varies depending on the geography, developers price, time of development, many devices and so on. A basic weather app may cost anywhere around $10,000 per platform. If you wanted an app with customized design and additional features, you have to shell out somewhere around $30,000.

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