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With ever-changing technology, businesses never miss an opportunity to leverage the latest trend for the success and Travel industry is not an exception! There has been an astronomical rise in the use of smartphones in the past decade. It can be attributed to the affordable prices of the mobile and the launch of cheap data plans. Earlier, booking travel for a vacation without the help of a travel agency was mere impossible. Travel Booking App Development have completely changed the scenario of today’s travel industry. Now, with the emergence of travel apps, people no longer needed to rely on Maps, navigation and guides for their travel. In line with the demand, there has been the rise of a plethora of mobile app development companies. Travel apps encompass all the information at the palm. The apps cater to the needs of users across multiple platforms including Android, iOS and Windows. As such, most of the travel companies have their apps to cash in the trend. Dubai has been the focal point of IT sector owing to the latest trends and the rich resource of expertise manpower. The demand for Android app development in Dubai is on an all-time high. There has been the emergence of a number of mobile application development companies in Dubai in the recent past. It has created a bountiful of opportunities to the android app developers. But before we dig deep into the application development, let us first have the basic understanding of how travel apps benefit travellers:

Benefits of Travel Apps

Booking a travel vacation via travel apps is simple and hassle-free. The travel apps feature all the information that a traveller is looking for!

Authentic Information:

The users can check for the availability of the travel from anywhere and anytime and book their travel and stay accordingly.  Apart, the apps are further spiced up with the original photos, ratings, reviews and feedback assisting the users to make informed decisions.

Easy Booking and Cancel:

With travel apps, it is quite easy for the users to book and cancel bookings anytime. Many of the firms also offer a money back on cancellations.

In-App Payment Integration:

Most of the apps include in-app payment feature so that the user no longer need to navigate away from the app to complete the transaction. Availability of multiple payment modes lets you instantly book stays within the app.

Real-Time Support:

Most of the apps also feature real-time support to the users allowing them to get their queries resolved instantly. Some examples include the embedded AI-powered chatbots or a real-concierge.

Popular Players in the Niche:

When it comes to the travel industry, few major players have established their foothold in the niche. They include Expedia Bookings, Make my Trip, Clear Trip, Airbnb and so on. The travel industry is constantly blooming by the passing day and is a lucrative investment for stakeholders. If you are looking to enter into the niche then building a successful travel app is the core of generating revenue and ultimately the success of your business. There are a lot of prominent Android application development companies in Dubai.

Best Android App Development Company in Dubai

If you are a bit confused about picking an ideal company for your project, then this article is Just for you. ParamInfo is a well-established name when it comes to Android application development. The company boasts the best android app developers in Dubai. The company delivers world-class products at an affordable budget. The developers are abreast with all the programming languages and the latest technological trends and ensure that the developed app exceeds your expectations. ParamInfo stands apart when it comes to offering 100% customer satisfaction, on-time delivery, and best in class post maintenance services. Approach ParamInfo, for all your queries and our developers, are more than happy to assist you.

Key Features to Include for a Successful Travel App Development

Personal Account:

The app must allow the users to have a personal app enabling them to register or sign up for the account using email and social media accounts. The personal account gives a personalised experience to the users and displays the options based on the search preferences. The users will have the option to update the current location, currency and language.

Hassle -Free Booking:

The app should include all the relevant features that allow for hassle-free booking. Some of them include filter options, price comparisons, best deals and discounts, and the likes.

Cab Bookings:

Apart from flight, train and bus bookings, the travel app must include features that allow cab booking. The feature enables the user to book a cab service well in advance from the relevant airport, bus or train station. It is a great strategy as it clearly gives an edge over the competitors.

Search Option:

It forms a very critical component of Android app development. Whenever a new user visits the travel app, the option allows searching for the desired location, specific area and other relevant information. Unless the user finds it smooth and easy, there is a higher chance that the user may not revisit the app.


After setting up an account and capturing the user preferences, the features help to constantly update the users with the new deals, upcoming events and so on. Further, the notifications offer real-time updates to the user in case of booking or cancelling.

Geolocation and Navigation:

Including the API for Geolocation and navigation in the travel app goes a long way in enhancing the reputation of the travel app. However, make sure to include both online and offline maps so that the user can search for the info he needs all the time. Further, the app also lets travellers trace out the nearby theatres, hospitals, bars, restaurants and so on.

In-App Payments:

The app developers must include the in-app payments feature in the travel app so that the user can complete his transaction within the app. It eliminates the need to navigate elsewhere to complete the transaction. Some of the API’s like Braintree, Stripe, and PayPal allows users to make payments within the app.

Multiple Categories:

A majority of the travel apps commences with basic categories like hotels and flights. Later with the increase of the user base and the positive reviews, you can include additional travel services like trains, hotel bookings, and other services that enhance the user experience.

Additional Features

The app developers may also consider to include some of the additional features such as weather forecasting, currency converter, social media integration, and user reviews.

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