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Tech Industry is flooded with number of applications; many businesses has minted millions of dollars when their apps have tasted success. In the current scenario, Taxi-hailing app Uber perfectly fits the bill. It is not surprising to note that many small business and startups look up to the successful business models and follow the same to replicate the success. But only a few of them have been able to achieve the same. Middle East region has been the epicentre for mobile application development. Many businesses around the world looks up to Dubai for developing mobile app development. There is no dearth of iOS app development companies in Dubai. But choosing an ideal company for your project amplifies the chances of business success. In this article, we would elaborate on the ideal features to include in Uber like app development and also let you know the best mobile app development company in Dubai for your project.

Brief History of Uber

Uber has been the brainchild of Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp who founded the company in 2008. It is a ride-sharing app offering fast reliable rides round the clock. Uber has recorded a stellar growth year by year that elevated it the top ride-sharing service across the world. The company has a global presence across 600 metropolitan cities. With an estimated 100 million users worldwide, Uber is helping millions of people offering comfortable and affordable travel experience. On the other hand, the ride-sharing app has helped both drivers and taxi owners get more business and thereby the income.

The company has witnessed tremendous success and rightly regarded as a thriving global billion dollar startup. Many business start-ups and small businesses look to replicate the success of Uber, and as such, there is an unprecedented demand for uber like application development. As such the Android and iOS app development in Dubai has witnessed tremendous progress. In this article, we would like to elaborate on the approximate total cost for taxi booking app development like Uber

Critical Components of Uber-like Application:

When it comes to mobile application development, the Android or the iOS app developers in Dubai are at the forefront in delivering world-class products. But, unlike other apps, an application like Uber involves the development of two apps; Driver app and the Passenger app. Before proceeding to the app development, the app developers must ensure to include certain important features in the Driver app and the passenger app.

Important Features to be Included in a Passenger App

1)  Login/ Registration Page:

The app should include the features that allow the user to register for the app via email or through social media accounts.

2) Booking Interface:

The app must include a flawless booking interface. The interface has to include the options to note their exact location and also the destination. Also, include the option to move the navigator to place it on the exact location for accurate detection of the start or the end point of travel.

3) Google Map Integration:

Integration of Google maps helps to identify the exact location of both the driver and the passenger.

4) Integration of In-App Payments:

Digital wallets form an important component of payments these days. Apart from the credit card/debit card and netbanking options, the app should include API’s like PayPal and others so that the user can complete the payments within the app without the need to exit from the app for completing the transaction.

5) Fare Calculator:

It forms a very important component of the app. Fare calculator lets you know the actual fare for the travel. So, accordingly, the passenger can shift the vehicle of choice for his travel that meets his budget.

6) Cab Selection:

The app must offer the passenger with multiple options to choose the type of cab based on the comfort and budget.

7) Cab Tracking:

This option gives the user the exact location and the estimated time of arrival. The user can watch the cab in real-time so that he can contact the driver when the vehicle is in the proximity of the origin.

8) Driver Rating and Reviews:

The option offers the customers to make the smart choice of picking the desired driver for the travel. The driver reviews and ratings give a sneak peek of the driver’s behaviour and allow the user to make a choice accordingly.

9) Past Booking History:

It displays the details of the previous rides made on the app. So, if the user wanted to travel on the prior route, he can do so with a simple click instead of giving the details from scratch.

10) Push Notifications:

The notifications keep the user informed of the booking progress and constantly updates the user with other relevant information car model, registered number, estimated time of arrival and the likes.

11) Multiple Payment Modes:

The app should support multiple payment options for user convenience. Apart from the debit/credit card and the netbanking options, there must be other payment options like digital wallets.

Essential Features to be Included in a Driver App

1) Order Alerts:

Instantly alerts the driver when the user books a ride. The alerts help keep track of route details, booking and payment status, reviews and ratings left by the customers and so on.

2) Bookings:

The app should offer the option to accept/ deny the incoming order. It should offer the visible information of the customer location and destination. Apart the app must also include the booking history.

3) Route Optimization:

The feature helps drivers leverage the most efficient route to reach the destination in the shortest possible time. The driver can leverage route optimization to reroute the journey anytime and reach the destination at the earliest.

4)Driver Profile:

The feature comprises the complete details of the driver and his updated status. It is critical for the verification and also includes the license number. The status feature offers information to the company regarding their availability.

5) Fare Details:

The details offer an exact estimate of the ride. In some instances, the passenger may apply certain discount codes.

6) Navigation of the Route:

The option offers the best route for the driver to reach the passenger. Besides, it also provides alternate routes to the drivers and helps them arrive at the destination in the shortest possible time.

7) In-depth Reports:

The feature offers the drivers have a glance at the trip stats, earnings and payroll.

8) 2-minute Cancellation Window:

Cancellation window is the time the driver waits for the passenger. When the driver arrives at the location on time, the initial 2 minutes of waiting is not chargeable. Thereafter the passenger would be levied an additional charge for the extra waiting time, and he has to pay it along with the basic fare.

Average Cost to Develop an App like Uber

The cost of producing an app like Uber varies depending on the features, platforms and the adopted technology. So, considering all the factors the average cost for developing an app like Uber can go anywhere between $10,000 to $50,000.

Best Mobile App Development Company for Developing an App like Uber

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