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The Middle East has always been the promising markets for the car wash industry due to the economic development of its many countries. As such, the region offers promising markets when it comes to the car wash industry due to the increased number of cars. Add to it, the prevalence of luxurious cars and desert conditions further amplifies the opportunities for the car wash industry. It leads to excellent revenue generation for car wash and car care industry. In the digital age, where everything runs online having a mobile app for a car wash for your business gives you an upper edge over the competitors. The on-demand car wash app development in UAE  is taking giant strides in the recent past.

The on-demand mobile apps not only secures your customer base but also lets you extend the services to remote areas where it is difficult to cover physically. The app development in the UAE is on the surge owing to the rising demand. Many businesses is now on the look for the best mobile app development companies in UAE for their projects.

The strong market for luxury vehicles, harsh weather and amount of new cars in the region are the major factors behind large washes carried in the area. Car washes involve wastage of a large amount of water. Due to Global warming there has been a shortage of water across the globe. Many governments across the world are implementing strict policy norms for the conservation of water and Dubai, UAE is not an exception!

What Waterless Car Wash Brings to the Table?

Given the aspects mentioned above, the waterless car wash is the best alternative and the need of the hour. The method employs waterless cleaning products containing wax. Employing a waterless car wash for car servicing has a host of advantages. Let’s have a glimpse of some of the advantages with the waterless car wash.

Water Conservation:

With waterless car wash, you no need to invest even a tiny droplet of water for car servicing. It in a way saves big not only your water bills but also offers a unique solution for water conservation.

Level of Simplicity:

The process of cleaning with waterless car care products is straightforward. Just spray the products on the car, allow it to soak for a few minutes and that’s it! You are done. Later you can just wipe it with a simple cloth.


The traditional mode of cleaning your car with the hose does more harm to the environment than good. It involves the use of harsh detergents, and along with it the dirt, gas and oil from exhaust fumes further complicate the situation. All the washed out waste flow to the drains and further into the lakes, streams and drains polluting the environment to a great extent.

Saves Time:

Bid adieu to the traditional car services where you need to give the car to the car care providers in the morning and collect in the evening. The waterless car wash is super quick and thereby saves a lot of your precious time.

Multiple Benefits:

Apart from the car washes, the waterless car wash products even come in handy for cleaning household items. You can employ them for cleaning shower stalls, ceiling fans and other stuff in your home. However, ensure not to use them on leather, vinyl and textured products.

Harmless Cleaning:

Most of the traditional car wash products involve strong detergents and lubricants for removing the dirt. On the contrary, the waterless car wash products do not include such stuff and ensure harmless cleaning.

Looking for Car Wash App Development for Your Business?

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