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Gone are the days where people used to hire an agent to find a prospective match for their daughter/ son. In today’s digital age, where everything happens online, marriage is no longer an exception. Owing to the rising demand, there has been the emergence of many matrimonial sites and mobile applications. Along with it, there has been the evolution of many app development companies.

Matrimonial sites and mobile applications feature all the necessary information about the bride or groom. The parents can have every detail at the palm. These website feature a bountiful of profiles, so that the parents can choose their right match from a large set of available applications.

Online matrimony has been growing at a rapid pace as evidenced by the baffling numbers. According to Frost and Sullivan, Market research and analysis firm, three top online matchmakers accounted for more than five million marriages in the past decade. In fact, the valuation of online matrimony has accounted for $250 million in the last year alone.

The increasing demand for matrimonial apps has garnered the attention of potential investors. The matrimonial business is only going to increase and along with it the visible surge in the matrimony mobile app development. Having a mobile app for your matrimony business offers unique advantages.

  • The apps offer the easiest ways to search a vast number of profiles within a short span.
  • Further, they can sort the profiles based on the caste, community and other criteria.
  • In addition, the apps offer an excellent platform for advertising and marketing. 

As a result, there has been a huge demand for mobile app developers, and as such mobile app development companies are always on the search for the best app developers to cater to the requirements.

Registering on these websites is also hassle-free. A majority of the websites offer free registrations so that you can have a gist of the features before proceeding to the premium options. The parents also have the opportunity to register for their son/ daughter on their behalf. There are many prominent mobile apps in the business that include, Bharat matrimony, Zindagi matrimony, Love Vivah matrimonial app to name a few.

Before you proceed with the matrimony app development, make sure to inculcate the basic and important features in the mobile app. The app should offer an intuitive smooth interface offering many exciting features under the hood.

Basic Features From the User Perspective:

The matrimony mobile app must offer some of the basic features for the user, that include login/register, confirming the profile identity using email and phone, partner preferences, horoscope, browse profiles by category/subcategory, add horoscope, upload pictures, send interest request to others, check horoscope and astro compatibility of the selected user, real-time chat, request photo and horoscope of the contact user, real-time chat, multiple payment modules, customer support, view last activate time of the user, share, block and report user profile, paid membership packages offers and discounts on membership packages, various filter options to browse profiles by category and sub-category, view success stories, notification and alerts and so on.

On similar lines, the app must include the following features for the admin:

Login and dashboards, customer profile verification, Manage customers, invites, rewards, affiliation programmes, promotions, membership packages, integrations for cloud storage, CRM, CMS, payment gateway, third-party APIs, Reporting and analytics, Notification and so on.

Advanced Features:

Apart from the basic features, the app developers must take care to include some of the advanced features. They include search and filter, save a favourite, in-app camera, chat, GPS, one-time password integration, push notifications, in-app calling and messaging, social sharing, rating and reviews, multiple payment modes, data security and push notifications to name a few.

The Cost Involved in the Matrimony App Development:

Many factors decide the cost of developing a matrimonial mobile app.

App Platform and Design:

If you destine to make the app for both platforms (iOS and Android) then it would warrant a greater amount when compared to the app for a single platform. The design does impact the cost! An appealing design not only attracts a huge user base but it also adds to the cost.

App Developers:

The geographic location of the app developers, experience and expertise also play a key role in the cost of matrimony app development.

Payment Integration:

Nowadays, most of the users tend to use the wallet for their digital transactions. Integration of multiple payment methods alongside the credit/debit card, net banking, PayPal and other payment methods increases the cost of app development. On the flip side, multiple payments offer tangible advantages to users.

The average cost of developing an app for both iOS and Android platforms costs anywhere between $10,000 to $15,000. If you choose to add additional features in the app to make it robust, quality and feature rich-app then the price may soar further.

Why ParamInfo is the Best Mobile App Development Company for Your Matrimony App?

If you are on the quest for the best feature-rich matrimony app development for your business, then without any doubt, ParamInfo is the ideal destination. With a decade of experience in mobile app development under its belt serving multiple sectors/ industries, there can be no better option than ParamInfo. The company boasts a rich, talent pool of expertise app developers, designers, QA testers, adopting the latest technological trends making sure your app stays well above the rest.

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