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Advances in information technology have improved the healthcare sector. Cutting-edge gadgets and technology breakthroughs like Apple’s smartwatch and IBM Watson are enhancing the lives of users with artificial intelligence (AI). System advancements by a leading custom software development company like Paraminfo help to simplify complex procedures. These solutions stand out by delivering a more accurate and refined diagnosis. Paraminfo creates packaged and custom utilities to address the niche needs of healthcare institutions.

Popular Software Developers

Custom software production by companies like Paraminfo covers all avenues starting from creating tools from scratch, migrating from legacy systems to new ones, support, and maintenance. Traditional off-the-shelf applications are not enough to meet specific healthcare needs, therefore the need for custom software development. These uniquely created programs cannot be used for other clients.

This type of software development begins with the initial stage of requirement collection and ends with testing, after passing through the design and development phases. The global market for custom software development is estimated to be worth about $140 billion and top-notch firms like Paraminfo are well placed to benefit from this lucrative industry.

Package Software

Commercial off-the-shelf software solutions are readymade tools that are used for an array of needs. This type of software is designed to work with existing platforms with minimum customization. Further, their initial cost is less than custom applications.

Benefits of Custom Software Development

1.   Tailored for Unique Needs

Every healthcare institution is different in terms of approaches, technologies, operational areas, patient care, and practices. Therefore, generic software is not suitable for the needs of this sector and only customized software can fit the bill. Further, it provides advanced technologies like machine learning, AI, automation and more to boost the efficiency and productivity of the client organization.

2.   Sophisticated Diagnosis

Advanced technology solutions help medical practitioners to detect critical illness in the early phase itself. AI-powered programs are assisting to develop medicines faster compared to traditional processes. For instance, IBM Watson is contributing to improving data analysis, based on which, the software delivers actionable insights on medical conditions.

3.   Improved Patient Care

Long queues at healthcare centers test the patience of visitors and also lead to delays in consulting. Thus, patients suffer a lot because of this drawback. However, AI-driven custom software products help to resolve this issue to a great extent. A custom software development company like Paraminfo leads from the front in this aspect.

4.   Privacy and Data Security

The healthcare industry produces large volumes of confidential customer data every day. Therefore, it is important for medical organizations to ensure data security by using reliable custom software that can thwart information breaches and malicious attacks. This can help to increase patients’ confidence and they will be more ready to share their sensitive details. It has become essential for healthcare organizations to use HIPAA-compliant software applications to provide enhanced data safety.

5.   Multiplatform Programs

Software developers are creating solutions that function across platforms like desktop, tablet, and mobile. Data can be synced easily if all users in a healthcare institution leverage a uniform application. Both physicians and patients would be able to access the software and data on the move. This real-time information accessibility from several platforms thus helps to speed up the consultation procedure.

6.   Delivers Rapid ROI

Custom software development helps to eliminate paper and improves the conventional system of medical record upkeep. A quality Electronic Medical Records (EMR) program can store the sensitive data of a high volume of patients securely in the cloud. This assists to lower operating costs and boosts the return on investment of the healthcare institution.

7.   Scales Effortlessly

Off-the-shelf solutions have limitations and are not easily scalable. However, a custom product that is developed for your organization’s unique needs can easily scale to meet your growing business demands. Custom-designed software can thus help your institution accomplish sustainability over the long term in terms of efficient work processes, smooth maintenance, and trouble-free operations.

Scope of Custom Software Development

Personalization is the key to success in the healthcare industry. Custom software creation can improve the existing systems and infrastructure of any healthcare organization by enhancing every patient touchpoint. Contact Paraminfo today to build sophisticated custom software solutions for your unique requirements. Our specially designed tools are sure to enhance the standards of healthcare service and delivery at your institution.

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham is a Senior Digital Marketing Manager at ParamInfo Computer Services Pvt Ltd. He is passionate about topics such as SaaS, productivity, Android and iOS, general technology, and business.

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