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Today, real estate app development is a major business as most people use this type of application to buy, sell, and rent properties. Home hunters no longer depend on brokers or go from one available residence to another in their search. They simply click on a real estate mobile app on their smartphone to learn all the details of available properties from the comfort of their home.

App developers cater to the real estate sector by building effective and cost-efficient mobile apps that deliver good returns swiftly. Businesses can use such apps to provide their property listings in an appealing and engaging visual manner. The app enables you to easily reach your target customer segment, maintain full control over the content, and send instant notifications and messages for rapid follow-ups.

Mobile App Development Company

You can contact a mobile app development company like ParamInfo to get yourself a property mobile application to establish your brand and business without using costly methods like cold calling, advertisements, flyers, etc. With a professional real estate app, you can control your listings, track transactions, display houses, and finalize deals, all from your office or home.

Benefits Offered by Property App Developers

·   Transparent property insights

·   Attractive viewing experience

·   Connecting with buyers 24/7

·   Improved coordination between broker and customer

·   Better consumer engagement and increased conversion

Main Features

It is crucial to develop a real estate app with the following key capabilities:

1.Map:The map facility gives users clear information about the location and routes to the property. Plus, it permits users to search for homes by location and area.

2.Calendar:Allows you to check which property was looked at, when.

3.Favorites: Enables you to add your preferred properties to your favorites list.

4.3D view: Displays the whole property as well as its intricate details in an appealing visual manner to attract buyers.

5.Discussion forums: Prospective buyers can get needed information about the property by discussing it in these forums.

6.Sorting: Sort properties based on factors like price, area, and others.

7.Seller contact: Prospective purchasers can send an email or message to the seller to inquire about the property for fast communication.

8.Broker information: The app conveniently displays the contact details of the broker so home seekers can easily get in touch with them.

9.Broad match search: Allows buyers to increase their search parameters and look for a wide range of properties.

10.Testimonials:Potential buyers can read feedback about the property from previous users to get an idea about its advantages and drawbacks.

11.Blog: Allows the real estate company to enlighten buyers with tips on how to go about searching and purchasing a property and related topics.

12.Image gallery: Displays photos of the available properties for the benefit of buyers.

13.Social sharing: Details of properties up for rent or sale can be shared on social sites to attract more prospective purchasers.

Advanced Features

The mobile app development company should also include the following sophisticated features to enhance the effectiveness of the property app:

1.Geo-location tagging: An important feature that uses the GPS location of a prospective buyer’s smartphone to display available homes or properties near their place on a map in real-time.

2.Mortgage calculator: Buyers can get an estimate of their mortgage payment per month. This accurate calculator enables them to compute the cost of a new home purchase, refinance, and more.

3.Heat map: These maps present a fun and easy way for buyers to purchase their dream home as they use different icons and colors to depict important aspects of the properties. They allow users to search using criteria such as nearby location, property type, possession date, budget etc.

4.Push notifications: Use these to get buyers’ attention with information on properties, events, special offers, and more. Push technology ensures that your property app will remain on users’ mobile phones for a long time.

Cost Estimation

The cost of real estate app development depends on its complexity and size. Plus, the number of hours needed by developers to build the app should also be considered. You can get a reasonably good application with basic features within $25,000. For a feature-rich and high-quality property app, the charge may go up to $35,000.

ParamInfo is an established mobile app development company that can easily build you a useful and effective property app at an affordable cost. Contact us today for further details and promote your business with a quality real estate app to attract more buyers and sell more homes.

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