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The usage of mobile devices and the Internet is on the rise. Nowadays, people are seeking apps for the required information in all spheres. Mobile apps enable the user to get the necessary information from anywhere. Digital platform has been the biggest channel pulling the revenue for any business. Real estate is a lucrative investment for those looking to reap the rewards in longer horizon.

Owing to the significance of mobile apps, the demand for an ideal mobile app development company is enormous. The mobile app serves a common platform for buyers, sellers, agents thereby aiding in increased business. In this article, we would like to elaborate on the features a mobile app developer must include in real estate mobile app. Also, we elaborate the reasons for investing in real estate app development.

Ideal features to include in a real estate mobile app

Before building a real estate mobile app, the app developers must take proper care to include the following features:

a) Attractive design: The first thing that draws user attention is the attractive design. The appealing also enhances the user experience.

b) Interactive app: The app should offer the user with all the available options and suggestions.

c) Easy to Navigate: Hassle-free navigation is key to the app success. A smooth, flawless app without any hiccups converts new users into loyal customers.

d) Custom push notifications: The app should give the option to the user to receive the various notifications concerning the interested property. Besides, the app should notify the users about all the latest info regarding the properties for sale or queries on a property.

e) Sort and Filter: The developer must make sure to include sort and filter options. It allows the user to custom navigate a property based on his requirement. There should be other options such as price range, locality, map features and so on.

f) Compatible across multiple platforms: The mobile app must be compatible across multiple platforms to drive more traffic. As users are spread across multiple platforms, the developers must make sure the app is compatible across Android, iOS and Windows.

g) Customer panel features: The user should have the option to register, property search, details of the property along with map view, property filter options, and subscription for property listing.

h) Admin panel features: The Admin panel must include a host of feature that allows for property management, revenue management, user management. There should also be the features that allow the addition or removal of the property, customer support management, currency converter and subscription package management.

i) Advanced features: The mobile app should include some of the advanced features like a mortgage calculator, heat map, Geolocation, Notifications, lead management, mail reminder system,  interest calculator and so on.

Reasons for investing in Real estate app development

Whatever may be the business, technology plays a pivotal role in expanding its outreach to more and more potential customers. If any business does not adopt latest technology, it cannot sustain for longer.  Real estate is not an exception! Here we brief you various reasons for investing for investing in app development.

1) Enhanced Brand presence

Searching for a desktop computer for the required information is a thing of the past. The online platforms help to target audience looking for products/services more accurately than traditional methods. Incorporating social media into the digital platforms further allows you to share the information with friends.

2) Increased conversion rate

Even though people hire a real estate agent from a reputed firm, they always look to use the mobile app for additional information. Instead of potentially searching other platforms, the user gets all the information at one place. This leads to a prospective client becoming a potential customer.

3) Superior user experience

A superbly designed app inculcates all the technical properties of real estate including the property details, embedded pictures, location details, legal status and so on. The comprehensive information offered in the app helps the user make a potential financial decision. Also, if the push notification is included in the app, it alerts the user about all the latest information in the real estate property he/she is interested.

4) A common platform for buyers and sellers

The mobile app serves a bridge connecting both the buyers and sellers. The buyers can get a view of the property without the need to physically visit the location. They can view the property from all angles before making a decision. In essence, it would save the effort, money and time. On the contrary, the seller also gets to know only the genuine customers interested in buying the property. Further, the app offers the option to attach the images, features, size of various rooms and also can attach a video.

5) Continuous upgradation of the app following user feedback

You should lend due importance to the user feedback, and make changes accordingly. You may have a strong user base generating a decent amount of revenue. But that may not last long, as your competitor might come with something better and grabs your user base. So, you should lend proper focus on user feedback and upgrade the app continually. The step helps to retain existing users and also keeps the customers happy and satisfied.

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