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Advanced technologies have become common in everyday life and are exercising a profound impact on people’s personal and professional lives. Relevant examples are the websites and portal apps that help job seekers apply for their dream vocations effortlessly from anyplace, anytime. These tools are utilized by experienced professionals as well as newbies to search for their preferred openings based on educational qualifications and work experience in the relevant field.  

App developers cater to the needs of job hunters with suitable apps that enable them to post and update their resumes and connect with hiring companies to take the recruitment process further. On job websites and apps, you can filter jobs based on criteria like salary, qualification, location, and more. In addition, you can set up filters to get access to jobs in categories such as internships, part-time, full time, etc.

What is is a leading job website in the Middle East that offers comprehensive career planning features and employment solutions. The portal was launched in 2000 and provides assistance in English, French, and Arabic. It presents a fast, easy, effective, and cost-efficient method for hiring companies to find qualified candidates, and for job hunters to get lucrative jobs in North Africa and the Middle East.

In addition, maintains a dedicated team for customer support that collaborates directly with customers to help them achieve their objectives in a cost-effective and efficient manner. As a result, this job portal has achieved a laudable track record of success in connecting the region’s employers and job seekers with top talent and jobs respectively. Currently, more than 40,000 organizations and over 35.2 million professionals in all industry sectors and career levels utilize this recruitment platform, making it the biggest marketplace of companies and professionals in the region.

Main Features of Bayt App

1. Effortless registration: Job seekers can register with their email account or social network with just a few clicks.

2. Job search: The mobile application matches job seekers with their desired companies as per their field of expertise, experience, and qualifications.

3. CV preparation: Users can create an impressive CV using resume templates, advanced features, and samples that help them to prepare customized resumes.

4. Job application: The Bayt app allows users to send their cover letter and resume to their preferred hiring companies based on their options and requirements.

5. Push notification: Job seekers get alerts from the recruiting firms if their application meets the role criteria and they are selected for the interview procedure.

6. Job posting: Recruiters can publish jobs to fill their vacancies and the posting can be done on the portal app based on the needed qualifications, abilities, and skills.

7. Recruiting: Bayt allows recruiters to select suitable candidates from the pool of applications and take the hiring process forward.

Cost of Building a Job Portal App and Website like Bayt

Paraminfo offers quality job portal app development services and we can easily build an effective and cost-efficient website and mobile app like Bayt for your needs. You may be wondering how much it costs to create a mobile app such as Bayt. Many factors need to be considered for this process and you can contact us directly to obtain a free quote.

To develop an app like Bayt, many elements need to be taken into account such as the company location, app features, app size, data storage, interface type, and more. To give you a rough estimate, it could cost between $5,000 to $52,000 for us to build a job portal app and website like Bayt for your enterprise.


ParamInfo is an established mobile app development company with offices in the UAE, India, Bahrain, and the US. We employ expert app creators and developers including specialist UI/UX developers to build effective and successful apps for our client companies. So, if you wish to build a robust job portal app and website like Bayt, contact us for the services and we can craft a custom plan and solution for your requirements and budget. 

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