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The emergence of smartphones has changed everyone’s life altogether. Be it business or personal daily activities, it is through smartphones, communication, shopping, and other daily activities that are being done today. Thus, we can say that ‘mobile commerce’ is constantly evolving and is here to stay.   

Today, mobile commerce strategies can help any e-commerce development company (A company that provides e-commerce services), by offering a competitive advantage, especially in the busier market in 2022.  

Therefore, if you want to jump on the bandwagon of mobile e-commerce, you will have to completely be aware of the changing mobile commerce trends in 2022. In addition to this, you will also need to have contacts with top e-commerce solutions providers, who can provide the best possible e-commerce services for your business.   

Let us see the mobile commerce trends and strategies that will bring change in business in 2022 and beyond.  But before that let us understand briefly what mobile e-commerce is and look at its precise definition.  

What is Mobile E-commerce?

Mobile commerce is all about purchasing & selling services and goods on mobile devices like smartphones and Tablets. All commercial transactions are done through mobile devices with shopping apps, social media channels, and web browsers.  

If said more precisely, mobile commerce is only related to smartphones and tablets.   

A mobile application’s speed, convenience, and innovative path make it easier for a user to do mobile shopping. In addition to this, mobile e-commerce applications or websites give access to consumers by providing them with the best e-commerce app development services. Further, it also allows them to browse and buy something from anywhere.  

The evolution of mobile e-commerce gave rise to many other new services such as:  

  • Electronic Money Transfer. 
  • Mobile Marketing. 
  • Location-Based Services. 
  • Digital Content Delivery and Purchase & 
  • Mobile Banking.  

Different Types of Mobile E-commerce Services

The world of mobile commerce is very vast and therefore, within this digital realm, you will find that there are three different types of mobile transactions happening:  

  • Mobile Banking 
  • Mobile Shopping 
  • Mobile Payments 

Mobile Banking: Mobile banking includes transferring money from one bank account to another through a mobile device. With mobile banking, you can even do the rest of the banking work through a mobile device.  

Mobile Shopping: By mobile shopping, we mean shopping through your mobile device, for example, ordering products like watches, clothes, books, etc. all such kinds of shopping come under mobile shopping.   

Mobile Payments: Mobile payments simply mean making payments through a mobile device by using mobile applications that fall under the mobile payments category.  

Whether it is paying for your grocery bill or after having dinner at a restaurant through Apple/Google Pay, every such kind of payment falls under the umbrella of mobile payment.   

The Importance of Mobile Commerce & Its Advantages & Disadvantages  

Mobile commerce these days is becoming very much popular as it is very easy to use. Moreover, through mobile commerce, businesses can expand their business and can even grow in untraded paths.  

Throughout the passing years, mobile commerce for businesses has become one of the top most mediums to earn revenue. But as there are benefits to this medium of revenue generation, there are also some drawbacks of mobile commerce.  

So, here we will look at some advantages and some disadvantages of mobile commerce in detail.  

Advantages of Mobile Commerce

Mobile commerce has all the ingredients that can help take the overall e-commerce shopping experience to new heights. The following is a list of some top advantages of mobile commerce: 

Easy Access to Stores 

Mobile commerce allows users to quickly find products of a specific business brand via wireless gadgets. Users no more need to physically visit a shopping mall or clothing store to purchase clothes as they can easily order them from e-commerce solutions. Therefore, this helps them save time and effort.  

More Productivity & Cost-effective  

Mobile commerce is cost-effective as it reduces marketing campaigns. In addition to this, reaching your customers quickly through mobile commerce lets you reduce the workload of your staff, which results in more productivity.  

Different Payment Options  

Mobile commerce is a concept that is consistently developing. With new solutions arising, it is currently more easier to check out different payment options for consumers. Since the checkout process is hassle-free, there’s more reduction in bounce rate.  

With a one-click check-out process, customers now can complete their overall shopping experience seamlessly. Moreover, as mobile commerce has m-wallets, the check-out process is now very much easier for users, because now they don’t have to provide their card details manually.  

Online & Offline Shopping Experience 

Mobile commerce allows for a multi-channel shopping experience. With mobile commerce, users can shop from a brick-and-mortar store while they can choose new clothes and look out for offers and products on their mobile devices from the same store.  

Disadvantages of Mobile Commerce:  

Now after looking at the high-flying advantages of mobile commerce, let us look at some disadvantages. 

Network Connectivity Issue  

With mobile commerce, there’s an issue of poor network connectivity. When there’s a poor network connection, you may not be able to purchase anything through mobile applications. This is a major issue that must be dealt with care.   

Risk of Fraud & Security Concerns  

While dealing with mobile commerce, one thing that every individual must know is that there is a high risk of fraud, which few marketers cannot get through with.  

The problem of security is also there with mobile commerce, as few individuals fear losing their data.  

Absence of services in rural places: 

Some rural areas still don’t have mobile phones to access app services to buy anything from any ecommerce website development company. Even though few people are aware, most people don’t know what mobile commerce is and its advantages. 

No Services in Rural Areas  

Even today there are some rural areas all over the world where people don’t have mobile phones to access app services to buy anything from e-commerce app development services providing company. 

Even though some people in such areas are aware of what mobile commerce is, they don’t know about its advantages.     

Age-Old Habit  

Although the younger generation finds it easy to use mobile apps, people from the older generation don’t find it comfortable to use e-commerce apps.  They don’t want to come out of their comfort zone or fear adapting to the changes.  

There are even many from the younger generation too who refuse to get into modern innovations and take so much time to learn new things. Many from the older and younger generations don’t even know the existence of e-commerce Android & iOS app development and its services.  

From the advantages and disadvantages of mobile commerce, we know how it operates, now let us discuss a few important trends that one must know to produce an efficient mobile e-commerce strategy in 2022.    

Global Mobile Commerce Trends in 2022:  

Doing Marketing Based on Location  

Marketing based on location is one of the popular trends in the advertising industry. The majority of popular brands use location-based marketing to help customers find their favorite stores in their nearby areas.  

Retailers even use location-based marketing to provide a more personalized shopping experience to their users.  


Geofencing is being done by many retailers within a specific radius around a physical location so that they can send targeted ads within this area to attract customers.   


In geotargeting, retailers generally target those customers who have already visited a particular location. Advertising based on location is going to be one of the mobile commerce trends in 2022 and in further upcoming years because it will help brands connect with users on a deeper level.  

Video Marketing  

Video marketing is expected to make more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic by the end of 2022. According to EyeWideDigital, a video can boost the conversion rate by 80%.  

Video as a marketing tool received wide attention with the emergence of short video platform channels like YouTube, Instagram Reels, etc. Many organizations have made their separate department for video production, to focus on video marketing.       

Social Commerce  

Through social commerce, businesses are selling products directly through various social media networks. However, Social commerce and social media marketing are very much different. With social commerce, businesses won’t direct users to an online store, but instead would allow users to directly checkout from the social media networks.   

As a majority of smartphone users are spending a significant amount of time on social media channels, social media commerce is going to be one of the top trends in 2022.  


Mobile commerce trends will continue to play an important role in the e-commerce industry in the upcoming future. Mobile e-commerce services are the future of the digital world as users increasingly day by day are utilizing mobile devices for various purposes.  

Therefore, being a business personality, it is important for you to keep a close eye on mobile commerce trends and plan accordingly.  

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham is a Senior Digital Marketing Manager at ParamInfo Computer Services Pvt Ltd. He is passionate about topics such as SaaS, productivity, Android and iOS, general technology, and business.

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