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We are in the digital age where all that we need is just a click of our fingers and our products are delivered even before we realize it. 2019 was one of the greatest for the eCommerce industry as it acquired global revenue of more than US$ 3.53 trillion and is predicted to go more than US$ 3.53 trillion maybe go up to US$ 6.54 trillion by the end of FY 2023.

When it comes to the growth of online eCommerce solutions, the figures say all about and theirs is no confusion that eCommerce is the future as it is developing every minute of the day. However, most people don’t understand that simply creating a website so that they could sell multiple numbers of excellent quality products isn’t really the way to master the game. Being a universal part of this dynamic industry needs businesses to keep up with the ever-minute updates on the latest trends.

If you are not aware of where to begin or remain merely curious regarding what the future holds for the world of eCommerce, written below are some trends you would need to keep yourself focused on in 2020.

Covid-19 has come this far and reached the top spot where the maximum impact has been on eCommerce. We saw lockdowns and the stores to the shops and shopping malls have all been shut. At this time, what kept us running were the eCommerce services or the online shopping platforms.

Experts came with the prediction that the impact of Coronavirus would not be a mere short-term boost to the sales in eCommerce. People have become more comfortable with online buying being found the most convenient offering the benefits of payments that come contactless.

The New Normal is Headless Commerce

Any kind of eCommerce platform that can function without any pre-designed storefront is called headless commerce. Simply put, a traditional model of e-commerce would always need constant updates in both back-end and front-end systems, something that jumbles into a giant mess, and you are left to think about how to manage. An architecture that comes with this nature offers the brands freedom to express themselves so that they could build in whatever they like, however they like. To add to it, it helps brands to focus on bringing a bright customer experience rather than wasting their time plus effort in back-end data.

Voice Search

Ever since the digital mode has filled in with elements like Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa, our lives have turned really different also in several ways easier than before. These devices are creating a significant amount of difference in our lives as they would assist us in the making of subtle transitions from typing long sentences to using the voice. This is one of the most highly discussed trends in this world of e-commerce. It would surely change the game as it would not just ensure the best customer experience but would also stand out as the future of SEO.

Marketing Automation

In order that you reach the goals of growth and revenue you have set, marketing automation looks rather a vital tool towards helping online businesses. It gives you the access to manage marketing processes also automatically run campaigns throughout several channels. Once you blend marketing automation with eCommerce you would end up with the perfect recipe offering the best quality shopping experience with an additional ability to create marketing campaigns that are specifically customized to cater to your audience.

It is rather vital to understand that marketing automation will go way beyond merely scheduling posts on social media and also automating email marketing. It has taken a step further towards providing shopping carts that are easy to access plus customized landing pages ensuring a comfortable plus satisfactory customer experience.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is totally revolutionizing the business scenario. As has been expected, more and more businesses say that they either have an AI strategy set or would soon bring this technology on their systems so that they further develop plus bring changes to many of their functions.

Most of the companies are already dependent on AI to carry out their works plus identify the market patterns on the basis of browser history and thus have witnessed a huge boost in their sales revenue post-implementation.

Augmented Reality

Irrespective of whether you want this technology or not – it is certainly time to believe in the faculty of online shopping because it becomes the most efficient thing of our time. +

Everyone, you know, see is mainly attributed to their online experience and the success of it. However, there are a huge number of consumers that choose for the complete experience before they could do any buying. AR enables you the ability to perform that easily by providing your consumers with a view of all the products they brought.

For example, the most common instance of this is about buying furniture. It really isn’t easy to buy furniture in case you are not confident it would fit in with the setting you have in your real life. AR would allow you to put a certain object into your room so that you could receive an exact idea how it would look like in real life after you have acquired it.

This option is still rather new and most of the eCommerce solution websites haven’t yet offered it. So, this could be one great option towards implementing to take your brand to the top of one such competitive market.

Models that are subscription-based

This trend is rather gaining a decent growth rate over some few years back, appearing to be going up steadily in the business world, considering the addition of multiple subscriptions based businesses in 2020.

Along with a huge rate of success come some downsides that required constant attention. As the models are subscription-based, one of the highly challenging areas for the companies that send out the most packages would be creating a sense of variety and value. Once created, the challenge is sustaining that so that you could avoid a drop even losing a subscription. This could only be achieved through the generation of strong ideas substantially backed by a stronger understanding of the market you would wish to target.

Shipping options that are enhanced

Right from the year 2013, when same-day delivery ideated and came into the mainstream as a massive option, there has been not much improvement other than few small add-ons to the section of shipping for the online retail sector. Ever since it has picked up a pace towards the new-age also evidenced a lot of additions come ahead.

For instance, how Amazon has one of its testings on drone deliveries in the USA while remaining integrated with Google Maps for them to have the ability to get on to the shortest route so that they could reach their destination. It is a mere matter of time that this would become one major hit and taken on by several retail enterprises.

Social Payments

Life has not been easy – it seems so with each passing day. With the online shopping experiences going to the top, this was rather needed for the retail businesses to make the options of payment rather seamless so that consumers’ experiences can be enhanced. Social payments work as perfect options for all users to make payments for their purchases using any kind of social media platform for their choice. Today, maximum numbers of purchases from these platforms or even from online retailers are offering methods of payment through social media.


Chat-bots have been an integral part of the online game for some years now, also they have been quite a help for consumers and retailers. They have turned into somewhat a personal assistant to guide you through each step of the way.

Although they were not once as accurate as they could actually be, the adding of AI-powered chatbots would bring along all that was not there, as they would provide highly relevant and accurate responses to make sure there is a great consumer experience.

It has been predicted that the growth would reach at least $1.25 billion by the year 2025. For now, we would get to find chat-bots getting cheaper, more widespread, and smarter.

As our world is changing rather fast, we would need to embrace that change that would suit our requirements best.

To Conclude

The eCommerce services sector is always increasing and it is essential for all retailers within this industry to take that extra care so that you receive extra care and keep up with the latest trends, as it could either make or alternately break the brand for good. Better than the business adapts to all these trends now and in the years ahead we ensure you are always far ahead of the competitors.

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham is a Senior Digital Marketing Manager at ParamInfo Computer Services Pvt Ltd. He is passionate about topics such as SaaS, productivity, Android and iOS, general technology, and business.

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