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Today we can see constant changes in software development trends due to emerging technologies, new societal demands, and external factors. However, Covid has turned into the point of inflection for businesses.

Although the software development industry was in a better position compared to other industries, before the Covid 19 Pandemic hit the world, it couldn’t cut its expenses, delay projects, and staffing reduction. But currently, the IT sector is recovering.

Since digital products decide the formation of sustainable and adaptable businesses, software developers from a software development company play a crucial role in building the post-Covid Pandemic world. Therefore, it is important to know upcoming software development trends in 2022. 

More Focus on Software Quality Standard

There are many software development companies that are growing at a pace, and thus are thinking of getting compliance certificates with international quality standards like IEC/ISO 27001. 

As the services and software applications developed by software companies are firmly embedded into different areas, software quality is turning out to be the main priority.

The ongoing trend of getting ISO certification will keep on rising because it helps companies to attract more clients and improve their popularity.  From this, it can be assured that they obey the highest standards of software quality.

Use of Kubernetes

Another important trend to look out for is the great increase in adopting microservices and containers powered by Kubernetes. Kubernetes is an open-source container platform for orchestration.

According to professional software developers, companies that are using Kubernetes will keep on growing. The main reason for this is that various projects require 24×7 availability, security, and scalability.

Cloud-based microservices architecture is most suitable for such types of projects. Also, Kubernetes is the best device for automating the software development process, managing containers, and constructing microservices architecture.

Raise Coding Standards

In 2022 it is expected that software firms will be employing style consistency and language conventions in the software development process to increase coding standards following the clear guidelines.

This will help already existing as well as new software developers to write standard code with clear guidelines.

Growth in Blockchain Technology

Earlier, software professionals used to associate Blockchain technology with cryptocurrency at some point. But professionals are observing that blockchain growth is happening quickly in different industries.

Blockchain is a decentralized and distributed system where one can obtain an excellent level of transparency and security for different types of transactions. Therefore, it is also applicable in various business sectors.

The following are a few examples of blockchain systems:

  • Account in a software system, which ensures energy consumption traceability.
  • Supply chain systems for monitoring automotive, gas, oil, and logistic areas.
  • Blockchain helps in the creation of platforms for the protection of intellectual property.
  • Building software systems for secure electronic voting.
  • Use of Blockchain-based applications in different industries.

Growth in Use of Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is another quite famous software development trend that is expected to grow more in 2022.

Large and mid-level businesses are focusing more on the modernization of their systems, applications, and technology stack with regular assessments for cybersecurity.

 If there is an expert employee who monitors, logs, and reports, then the troubleshooting and debugging process turns into something easy and quick. It also ensures continuous deployment and integration.

Use of DevOps Observability Tools

Currently, DevOps is being used by many software development companies and custom software development companies.  However, the DevOps observability tools are important for the teams of DevOps in large, medium, and small enterprises. 

These observability tools can be made understandable to an individual by increasing the cloud-native application development and microservices adoption in a meaningful manner. The requirement is to identify and solve issues present in these tricky architectures. 

DevOps observability is not a single person’s responsibility. It is a data-driven and decision-making culture that has to be cultivated in the teams and departments of software development within a software development company.

If there’s an employee in a company who will be able to monitor, log, and report, then the troubleshooting and debugging process will be very easy and quick. It will also ensure that there is continuous deployment and integration.

Use of The Internet of Things

By the end of 2022, the Internet of Things is expected to create more than $6 trillion in economic value. A great transformation in software development will be seen when the Internet of Things is combined with cloud computing and connected data.

Further, mobile devices are likely to become more specialized for vertical markets in the coming future as sensors and analytics will allow real-time control. 

Java as Topmost Language

In this modern era of software development technology, Java is still considered the topmost leader among other software programming languages.

However, with the advancement in microservices and container-based development, Java started to lose its importance as compared to other lightweight languages. 

But software developers from the Java community didn’t lose hope and gave up. Instead, they started adding new features to develop the language to match current trends in software development.

For example, Java software developers at present can create cloud-native applications with GraalVM with great speed and efficiency.

By the end of 2021, Java was considered to be the second-best programming language compared to other languages. In the upcoming future, too, all enterprises will use Java for developing software products.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is another popularly growing software development trend, which is majorly being used by numerous businesses, startups, institutions, and government organizations. 

In addition to this, the use of cloud computing technology can be mostly seen in security offices, hospitals, software development companies, and legal authorities.

In 2022, we can expect a huge transition of cloud computing technology in various industries, businesses, and organizations all over the world.

Top tech giants like Microsoft, Google, and Amazon have already been providing cloud computing services to individuals, businesses, and enterprises.  These top multi-millionaire businesses offer complete flexibility to businesses and allow them to scale as they grow.

Use of TensorFlow to Build Software

It is important to know the famous tools among software engineers to be aware of software development trends.

The popular framework of TensorFlow by search engine Google is a fantastic tool for machine learning, software development, Artificial intelligence, and deep learning.

Basically, TensorFlow is an ecosystem of tools, resources, and libraries required to make intelligent algorithms and models. Furthermore, the framework is very user-friendly and flexible, thus making it easy for software developers to build advanced Software.

Use of Python

Python today is very popular and is an ever-growing programming language that is widely being used for creating complex and enterprise-grade web applications and mobile applications so that they meet today’s needs of businesses and their customers. 

The popular software programming language is widely known for addressing today’s software needs and for providing a one-stop solution for web development, mobile development, or enterprise projects.

Python provides developers with the ability to conduct complex mathematical processes, huge data

Using Python, software developers are able to conduct complex mathematical processes, huge data analysis, machine learning, and much more.

Rise of Progressive Web Applications

Developing progressive web applications is the correct option for various businesses. These software solutions are regular websites by nature, thus, act as the traditional mobile applications.

The best thing about this application is that users don’t have to download them as they do for mobile applications. However, despite that users can enjoy a similar feel and look that improves the user’s experience.

For many organizations using progressive web application development and maintenance seems to be cost-efficient. As a result, many startups and small businesses are planning to use similar types of software for their business.  

Increase in Demand for Software Development Outsourcing

Today, there’s a huge demand for software development outsourcing. It is helping in the significant growth of companies.

Many small, medium and even large organizations are in search of skilled and trained software developers who can develop custom software projects with high quality within the budget.

Unfortunately, it is becoming challenging for various companies to find such candidates. Therefore, they are looking to outsource their software projects.

Outsourcing software development projects offer numerous advantages to companies like cost efficiency, best quality, reduced risks, and faster software development. Thus, due to such reasons, software development outsourcing is growing in the market.


In the world of software development, there are many factors that are influencing software development such as the latest technologies, consumer preferences, and underlying factors.

In order to develop modern and innovative applications, businesses will have to understand the latest software trends in 2022.

With new emerging technologies arriving with the passing of time, more software development trends will be seen in the upcoming years.   

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham is a Senior Digital Marketing Manager at ParamInfo Computer Services Pvt Ltd. He is passionate about topics such as SaaS, productivity, Android and iOS, general technology, and business.

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