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SaaS or Software as a Service is one of the biggest segments in the cloud service marketplace on a global level. The key attraction of SaaS is that it provides businesses of all types, whether enterprise or startups, with an equal business opportunity. This model has been playing a major role in shifting the way the software industry works in today’s age.

SaaS applications work on a model of subscription, in which a business or a venture provides the distribution of an application or software on a subscription basis. The SaaS model is cross-platform compatible, which is its biggest draw. It provides users with access to applications from any device.

SaaS products are being launched at a rapid-fire rate in today’s age, and many go into the market unprepared for the competition. SaaS application development is quite a niche domain and requires cohesive expertise to execute successfully. However challenging this field may be, it is always advised to collaborate with a certified and assessed SaaS development company to ensure top-notch application development.

But, how do you choose a reliable and competent SaaS application development company? What factors do you need to consider to ensure that the company is the right choice for your project? Let’s find out.

SaaS Application Development Company – What to Keep an Eye Out For?

There are many factors one needs to consider before choosing a SaaS development company. The most important of these factors are as follows:

1. Expertise and Experience in SaaS development

Fast innovation and connected cross-business solutions are the main associates of SaaS products. The market for SaaS development is very diverse and ranges from price range to geographies. Hence, while assessing a SaaS development company, ensure that they are competent in developing your required domain’s specific requirements. A company’s portfolio will highlight their previous work experience, which can help you in identifying if their SaaS development skills are aligned with your goals. 

Additionally, while checking the portfolio of the company, also ensure to run through their SaaS developers and the respective experience of team leaders in the field of SaaS development. It’ll help you in figuring out if their expertise is good enough for undertaking your application development project.

2. Carefully Go Through Their Portfolio

The portfolio of the SaaS development company will also highlight its past work experience. The types of projects they’ve undertaken, the specifics of the projects, and how successful they were in executing those projects.

One key identifier of a good SaaS company is that they can prove their proficiency in the field through their case studies. Go through the challenges they faced, the solutions they developed, and how well the implementation of those solutions was for the customers. 

Project complexity is another component that can help you in understanding how proficient the SaaS development company is. It can help you in determining if the company is suitable to execute the complexities of your project or not.

3. Reviews – Especially Client Reviews

Reviews of course play a key role in getting an outside perspective of how good a company is. Focus on the client reviews of the company to determine if their execution in the past projects was satisfactory or not. Ratings and reviews can set the stage for judging the credibility of the company, and reliability amongst many other factors.

SaaS application development services should be providing you with their marketing material with reviews and ratings. While they are true, it is a good idea to conduct your own research to make a call yourself whether the company is reliable or not.

4. Presence on the Internet

A professional SaaS development company will have its social media pages open to the public in most cases. Open the company’s website, carefully assess its every detail about how is the background design, read the content to assess the quality and tonality, and see the usability of the website.

If the company’s social media handles or the website were able to grab your attention, that’s always a good sign as it indicated that the company is competent and committed to maintaining their image to the clients and potential customers. If the website or social media handles were mundane and weren’t able to do anything for you, then there’s a good chance that the company won’t be able to deliver quality web-based SaaS products.

5. Assessing Their Methodology and Communication Prowess

Now that we have broken the barrier of “learning” about the company, let’s “know” about the company. Any SaaS development company would be open to sharing their working patterns or methodology to acquaint you with their process. This serves two purposes,

1. Your venture knowing the way the company operates and handles projects with varying intensities.

2. Your venture analyzing the way the company works to optimize the application development process so that your requirements are properly met.

An important component of any SaaS development company’s methodology is how well they can communicate with you. There’s a fair chance that you might end up choosing a remote or distantly situated SaaS development company, and communication between you and the company determines how well the project is going. 

The company should be willing to provide periodic progress reports and should also communicate any bottlenecks they’re facing during the development process that you can assist them with. Moreover, the company should also be open to feedback during the development process to enhance the quality of the final product.


Choosing a trustworthy SaaS application development company is no easy feat. There are many components you would have to analyze to find the perfect SaaS solution provider for your requirements.

However, using the points mentioned above, you would be able to narrow the list down and choose the best fit based on your interactions with the company. Filtering out the best matches for yourself using these tips is still just 90% of the work done. The rest 10% is completely dependent on how well your vision aligns with the working capabilities and timelines of the companies you’ve shortlisted. Do that carefully, and you’ll have a seamless collaboration with the SaaS development company.

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