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Customer engagement is crucial for the success of any business and established companies are well aware of the benefits involved and pay utmost attention to increasing customer engagement. As the term implies, customer engagement refers to the increasing customer association with the brand via various social media and various other methods. 

Overall customer experience plays a prominent role in increased customer engagement which thereby leads to customer satisfaction. Engaged customers tend to stay attached to the company for longer and accounts for stable revenue generation for the business. customer feedback app effectively captures customer satisfaction. In this article, we offer you 14 tips that help increase customer engagement. 

1. Create and Publish Valuable Content: 

Create and publish useful content to improve the overall customer experience and satisfaction. You can create useful and helpful content based on the feedback the users leave on the social media platforms. By providing reliable information for the customers to learn and educate, you are most likely to be at the forefront when it comes to purchasing a product or service.  

2. Offer Rewards to Customers: 

By offering customers with rewards who engage with your business is an excellent way to increase customer engagement. You can reward the customers who leave their feedback by showering them with discounts and promotional offers. As such, it encourages the customers to leave their content and testimonials on the website and also allows them to shop on the website and leads to recurring customers. 

3. Engage them with Feedback Surveys: 

Feedback surveys are an excellent means to capture the core of customer insights towards the product/service. The app developers must make sure to include highly customisable feedback surveys in the app, so that they can be modified to fit varied industry needs. Analyse feedback implement the necessary changes to improve their experience with the product/service. You can also send follow up feedback surveys after the end of support calls. Further, implement the changes based on the feedback and duly inform them. It leaves a positive impression among the customers that you value their opinion and that would lead them to become loyal customers in the long run. 

4. Make for a Memorable Meeting: 

Memorable greeting serves to establish an excellent connection with the customer. Greet the customers with a pleasant smile to introduce yourself. It creates a positive impression among the customers and  lets them know that you are there to rectify their queries or assist them in making the purchase. 

5. Be Active on Social Media: 

Whenever a customer leaves a comment on social media to make sure to respond in a quickly and politely. By acknowledging the comment, they are more likely to return and leave feedback. You can thank them, compliment them and they love to come back and engage with you.  

6. Surveys Serve the Purpose: 

The businesses can greet the customer’s with surveys to get to know them in detail. Here the customer satisfaction survey app serves the purpose; It allows firms to adapt professional outreach that fits the customer wants and needs. The surveys offer a lot of valuable information related to the customers and offer important clues to prioritise things. It makes them feel special and plays a role in improving the customer relationship. 

7. Personalisation does Play a Role: 

Personalise every interaction that you have with your customer with the availability of personal data stored in the customer relationship management (CRM). It would make them feel special, makes each and every interaction a wonderful experience. Customers love to engage with your business in the long run. 

8. Create Forums for Effective Communication:

A majority of the customers often encounters the same problems and it is important to offer a platform to bridge such customers. It is here the closed forums comes into the picture; create a forum and offer access only to those with the login credentials. It offers a way to resolve customer issues on their own and reduces administrative burden. The customer support team can divert their focus on other important productive works. 

9. Automation Tools aid in Engagement: 

By employing the automation tools like customer feedback software allows you to streamline processes so that it allows you to focus less on routine administrative tasks. The customer relationship management solution (CRM) stores all the data and helps personalise customer experiences for increased engagement. Automation further eases the burden on reception staff and allows them to focus more on customer engagement.

10. First Impression is the Best Impression: 

If it is the first time for a customer visiting your business or the website, you need to create a memorable first impression. The mode of interaction varies from business to business and you need to take a due care to greet the customers in a manner that leaves a long-lasting impression on the customer. When it comes to the website, interactive graphics and user-friendly interface makes for a great first impression among the customers. 

11. Indulge in Corporate Social Responsibility: 

Customers these days also lend due importance to the company’s standing in the community when making a decision to buy. If the company holds a good social responsibility, then there is a higher for the customer to consider buying the product/service from the company. Some of them include giving donations to a local charity, conducting voluntary programmes in the area 

12. Empathy Aids in Customer Engagement and Builds loyalty 

If your customers don’t believe that your company cares for them, they no longer associate with it. Empathy really matters when there are issues and helps drive connection in relationships. It plays a vital role in businesses; paying due attention to customer’s feelings and needs before jumping into solutions makes them feel valued. So, in a way, it enhances customer loyalty and they love to forge a longer relationship with the company. 

13. Customer Happiness App Turns your Customers into Repeat Buyers 

customer happiness app is the best source when it comes to engaging and retaining customers. They are also the cheaper version compared to the desktop. You can lure top customers by offering them with special offers and discounts. The mobile apps also have the facility to send push notifications to the customers and one of the best means to convert them into recurring buyers.  

14. Make the Human Element Part of your Brand 

Ensure to include your employees as part of your brand promotion. Include images and videos featuring them to build stories. The customers get easily connected with your brand and love to invest and play a major role in the company’s success. There are only a few businesses who explore this opportunity to their advantage. So, by effectively involving employees, you have a gain a clear competitive advantage over your rivals. 


Follow the 14 valuable tips to increase customer engagement as mentioned above and deliver better customer experience. Satisfied customers are likely to remain associated with the brand for a longer term thereby leading to growth and sustenance of the businesses.

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