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If you own a car, then you are in need of auto repair services. Aren’t you bored of searching online to locate the best car repair mechanic in the town near you? And keeping in view of today’s busy lifestyle where one finds it even hard to hit the gym, nor cook their own food, having an uber-type service is blessing one wishes to have. Today, automotive businesses are on the hunt for offering services for car repair app development to make the most of the booming space and gain decent profits on their investment.  

Mobile app technology has revolutionised the ways by which businesses lend services to customers. Whatever may be the industry, mobile applications have made life easier for people offering unlimited options with just a click of a button. Global automotive repair and maintenance services are valued at $440 billion with only a couple of players in this space is the icing on the cake! There is plenty of unexplored potential in this space that businesses can explore to generate revenue. On-demand service industry holds huge potential and is probably going to be the largest sectors of the market.  

Thinking about building a car repair app! then you are in the right place. Many businesses and start-ups look up to Dubai for app development as it features a rich pool of talented experts. Approaching a leading mobile app development company in Dubai for your app requirements is said to be half the job done! The company features a rich-talented pool of employees, developers, designers and others who make sure to build a revenue-generating app that fits your business needs. 

Developing an on-demand marketplace is not as easy as it sounds! You need to do your research before you proceed with the app development. But before that, let’s dive in to know the must-have feature that must be integrated before developing an on-demand car repair app.  

1) Make Sure the Price Points Stay Attractive and Competitive 

Maintaining an on-demand car repair app involves investments at multiple levels some of which include mechanic charges, maintenance of a database to name a few. Considering all these, if the customer feels the service is a bit costly, then everything would be an utter waste. Since the mechanic pays a visit to the doorstep, a customer expects the price to be a bit higher than the conventional method of taking the car to a repair shop. Hence, there should be a cap on the price and it should be a bit higher than the local repair shop. Unless the customer feels convinced and satisfied with the pricing, sustenance of the app becomes a daunting task. 

2) Live Tracking for Customer Retention 

It is an obsolete necessity to include live tracking features in your car-repairing app. It enables the customer informed of the approximate time for a mechanic to reach your home. Keeping customers informed of what’s going on right now leads to customer retention. Customers love the experience and are always willing to use the services when the need arises. 

3) Frictionless Payment Methods 

User convenience is the key here! The app developers must take necessary care to include multiple payment modes such as credit card, debit card, net banking wallets and cash on delivery options thereby allowing the user to choose his desired mode of payment. Alternately, ensure that the transactions are quick, secure and convenient. 

4) The Mechanic Version of the App  

User convenience is one aspect that determines the success of the app, but it is also imperative to have a decent mechanic onboarding. The mechanic dashboard should offer a comprehensive picture related to a particular work order before he accepts it. Since, every work order requires specific tools and equipment, having a clear work order makes life easier for the mechanic. Apart, the app should also include a system in place detailing the credits and payments for various work orders.  

5) Interactive Design is a Game Changer 

 As with any other app, the inclusion of interactive design augments the experience of the users as well as mechanics. The app must be easy to use, and the features should be easily accessible without any lag. 

6) Building and Retaining Customers 

After successfully building an on-demand car repair app, you need to invest additional efforts into building and retaining a loyal customer base. By including some of the features such as promotion and discount offers, dedicated customer support, and rating systems makes sure that your user base stays with you in times to come. 

7) Bridging Gaps between Mechanics and the Owners 

The first and foremost thing one must do before approaching an app development company for building a car repair app is to have a healthy pool of mechanics at your disposal. If there are no sufficient mechanics to cater to customer request, the app may not sustain for long. Later, one needs to focus on building an algorithm that matches the mechanic with user requests. You can implement a manual or automatic matching to address customer requests.  



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