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The lives of today’s generation cannot be compared to the generations that existed before! Today, youth find it hard enough to strike a perfect balance between professional and personal life. The emergence of on-demand mobile apps has been a revelation and brought undeniable changes in everyone’s lives. They have tasted instant success which is quite evident by their generation of billions and billions of dollars of revenue every year. The flourishing technology has simplified everything for us fulfilling all the essential and urgent needs that we encounter in day to day lives.

Although the space of on-demand apps seems to be outnumbered by the presence of many players, there is still plenty of unexplored potential left out in this lucrative space. It is therefore not unsurprising to note that many businesses and startups are looking to venture into this space for gaining unlimited profits. The growing number of smartphone users have also been an important attribute to the success of on-demand apps. As such, mobile app developers have come up with apps that cater to the needs of a wide range of requirements.

Current Market Valuation

As per the current market valuation, the mobile app economy is valued at $57 billion, and expected to reach $6.3 trillion by 2021.

Let’s have a look at the startup business ideas, that helps you achieve success in the long run.

On-Demand App for Grocery

There are many grocery stores lying in your close vicinity. You may be wondering, whether an on-demand grocery app would succeed in such a situation! In today’s busy lifestyle, we rarely come home early and late nights are a common phenomenon. Under such circumstances, going to a grocery store for daily needs seems a hectic task. The on-demand apps allow shopping on the go. All a user needs to do is register on the app and order products on the go. The convenience with on-demand apps for grocery is that you can order your products anytime round the clock.

On-Demand Uber-like App for Optimized Commuting

Uber has changed the way people commute these days. Many businesses and start-ups are on the look to replicate its success by making an Uber-like app. You can approach a mobile app development company to develop an app from scratch or make a ready-made solution. Apart from the app development, multiple features like marketing, seamless user experience, and unique features do play a role in the success of the application.

On-Demand House-Keeping Services

Keeping your home clean, neat and tidy has rather major implications on health and welfare. But in today’s lifestyle, it is quite difficult to dedicate time for house cleaning. So, hiring a person and get your house cleaned is the most convenient option. Investing in house-keeping services is alluring and promises greater ROI.

On-Demand laundry Services App

Almost everyone is in need to avail laundry services every day. Gone are the days, where you wait outside the laundry to get your clothes washed. With the presence of laundry apps, you can avail the service with just the click of a button. The Uber-like laundry apps have plenty of scope, especially among the youth. The app facilitates to schedule pick up time, preferences and offers excellent customer support.

On-Demand App for Health and Fitness Services

Fitness and health are among the top priorities for today’s generation. They pay utmost attention to what they consume and are equally vigilant about their physique and looks. The on-demand apps come in handy for fitness freaks who wish to book an appointment at the fitness center or to contact an instructor to meet their fitness objectives. It is one of the best on-demand apps to generate major chunks of revenue.

On-Demand Plumbing Services Apps

Finding a plumber particularly in cities and towns seems to be a daunting task. The entry of on-demand apps has simplified the situation. To avail the service, all you need to do is to register on the app and opt for the service. The app is composed of a list of service seekers as well as the service providers. Service providers would receive a percentage of money and also the businesses would accumulate some amount as a commission.

On-Demand Salon Apps

Nowadays, both men and women tend to pay equal attention to enhancing their looks. If you wanted to doll up for a special occasion, on-demand salon apps are the ideal solution. The apps serve to eliminate waiting times and standing in long queues. You can book your convenient time of appointment with the beautician and avail services as and when required.

On-Demand App for Electrical Services

Electricity plays an important role in the day to day activities and an interruption in the services may hamper the daily activities. Further, in case of an emergency, locating an electrician for service is quite tedious. The on-demand electrical apps are the need of the hour and offer a convenient solution to today’s generation. On-demand apps serve as a bridge between the service providers and service seekers. The field has a huge customer base and promises huge returns.

On-Demand Apps for Teachers

In today’s digital era, there is plenty of scope for learners to learn by leveraging teacher apps. The learner can connect with the tutor who is expertise in a particular domain. The apps also offer the learner with the option to choose the desired time based on his convenience. Some of the established players like Udemy and Unacademy has succeeded in leaving a mark in this space. The learning industry offers huge monetary value and at the same time and plays a prominent role in shaping the youth of the country.

On-Demand Massage Apps

Who doesn’t love to enjoy a massage after a busy days work! We all crave to get massaged to get rid of tensions and frustrations. Massage soothes us and helps to rejuvenate both the mind and the soul. There are thousands of service providers across the globe willing to offer services to potential clients. There is plenty of scope and expansion opportunities in this space. The apps reduce the physical burden of having to visit the store to avail the services. Having a massage app lets you avail the services at a convenient time. Further, it offers the users to choose male or female therapists and no more waiting in long queues.

On-Demand Apps for Pest Control Services

There exist pesky, ugly and notorious pests present in almost all homes. But getting rid of these nasty creatures is not an easy task! You might have tried multiple methods, but none of them turned out to be fruitful. The only option left for you is to approach a professional pest control service providers. What’s better than ordering a service from the comforts of your home! The on-demand pest control apps feature a list of professional pest controllers in your vicinity to book an appointment. This space is relatively unexplored and still, there are plenty of growth opportunities.

On-Demand Apps for Maid Services

For those people, who often find it tough to attend the day to day tasks like child care, elderly care, and cooking, on-demand apps are the best option. Finding a maid to attend these tasks is tedious and they are always looking for convenience. So, it is an excellent idea for businesses or start-ups to start an organisation featuring a team and developing an on-demand platform. The customers can book maid services with just a click.

On-Demand Mechanic Apps

If you own a car or a bike, you are in need of repair services. What if your car was broken in the middle of your journey and you are in need of repair services. Locating a mechanic nearby is not an easy job! With Uber-like apps for mechanics, you can book the services anywhere and anytime. When you book a mechanic with your requirement, he approaches you with the desired tools and would fix the issue. With the usage of vehicles increasing day-by-day, on-demand mechanic app is certainly a lucrative investment for businesses.

Uber-like App for Doctors

On-demand Uber-like app for doctors is certainly the need of the hour! For those looking to invest, it is certainly an excellent start-up idea. With busy lifestyles, irregular food habits, people nowadays face a lot of health problems. If you happen to be in the remote areas of the country, then finding a doctor nearby is an absolute mess. So, the app developers can make an app that offers on-demand medical assistance and eliminates the need for a physical visit. In addition, the app also offers the patients to choose the desired doctor and area of expertise. The doctors are ready to attend the patients anytime in case of emergency.

On-Demand Apps for PC Repairs

Techy’s love to stay updated all the time and spend a major chunk of time on gadgets. The increased usage of gadgets has its flaws attached to it and as such the gadgets are prone to damage in no time. It is quite tedious to carry the laptop to a repair shop for service. The advent of on-demand apps has made life easier. After the user submits the request for repair, techy sends a person to pick up the courier. Thereafter, the company delivers the gadget to the person. It is one of the booming start-up ideas with plenty to ponder!

Uber-like App for Packers and Movers

What if you are moving to a new location and your home is filled with valuable items. They need to be carefully packed and shifted to avoid any potential damage. You cannot do this all by yourself. You are in need of a professional service provider so that everything happens smoothly. Building an on-demand app lets the potential clients book the service at a convenient time. Hence, creating a Uber-like app featuring packers and movers is certainly a good investment and promises decent returns.

On-Demand Food Delivery Apps

People these days, often find it difficult to dedicate enough time for cooking. What if you have arrived late and wanted to have food on the go. The emergence of food delivery apps has been a revelation, catering to the needs of hungry customers. The apps feature different types of restaurants to choose from. With Real-time tracking, the apps offer an estimated delivery time of the ordered items. Although there have been established players in the space, there is still a lot of potential for gaining decent ROI.

On-Demand logistic Apps

The logistics space appears to be saturated with established players that primarily associates with shipping the product from the source to the destination. But it has certain drawbacks. The complex process of storing and managing products might lead to errors. Therefore, the businesses can build an on-demand logistic app that facilitates proper management of goods and tracking. So, you can approach an app development company for building an on-demand logistics app.

On-Demand Apps for Babysitters

The On-demand apps for babysitters are a blessing in disguise for working parents. As they juggle their responsibilities, there is a need for a babysitter to takes care of their kids. The apps feature a comprehensive list of caregivers along with their reviews and ratings. The parents have the option to choose caregivers on an hourly basis. Also, the provider’s profile would include video’s, references, certifications assisting in picking the best babysitter. It is a growing industry, and hence there is still a lot of potential left for businesses and startups.

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