Skip to main content is the largest and most popular eCommerce website in the Middle East that was found by the biggest real estate and property firm called Emaar. Noon has a simple User Interface that is both fast and very responsive compared to the others available in the United Arab Emirates. keeps their products categorized into various categories that are very straightforward to navigate. In addition to that, they also ensure that their customers can place orders with just a few clicks. They prioritize their logistics that allows them to dispatch and deliver the products to their customers with the mentioned time frame. They offer two types of the delivery system, Noon Now and Standard Delivery. They even offer innumerable categories of products that range from fashion to electronics to kitchen and home to baby products and beauty to grocery and pet supplies. Their mobile application is also extremely user-friendly just like their website. offers live chat support that is very responsive and remains active 24/7.

For building an eCommerce website like, you have to take care of several constraints like tax regulations, inventory management, logistics, and more. For encapsulating all these together, Magento is the perfect platform. For developing eCommerce websites like, Magento is a tailor-made platform that provides all the necessary options needed during the development process. Even though Magento is a free-to-use platform, there are various themes and plug-ins that you need to buy for eCommerce website development. However, it totally depends on the website development company what platform they would use for developing your eCommerce website.

Cost to Develop an eCommerce Site like

Calculating the exact cost required for developing an eCommerce website like can be quite typical as it depends on various requirements. The cost also depends on the time period that is required for developing the app by the website development company. However, depending on the functions and features, we can still calculate an average cost according to the three main factors, Designing, Wireframing, and Development.


This can be termed as the initial process where a rough prototype model or template of the app is developed in order to give the clients as well as the developers the fundamental idea about the features and functions of the app. This will cost around AED 2600 to AED 3700.


The application’s design is responsible for attracting the consumers towards your application. Consumers always prefer websites that are easy to navigate and look good to the eyes as well. The application design highly regulates the acceptance of your application by the users. To get an intricate and eye-catching design, it would cost you around AED 24,000 to AED 35,000.


This is the ultimate stage where the design and ideas are finally implemented for developing the application via coding. The developers from the website development company would include the type of Noon App features that you want to incorporate in your application. Depending on the resources and functional features required for adding in the development process, it will cost you another AED 30,000.

The cost of developing an application also depends on the country that you are living in currently. Let us check out the prices according to the countries.

➜Wireframe: AED 2,600 to AED 4000
➜India-based company: AED 75 to AED 300 per hour
➜ U.S.A. based company: AED 300 to AED 900 per hour
➜East-Europe based company: AED 180 to AED 550 per hour

The cost structure might also vary according to the department. Let us take a look there as well.

➜UI Design: AED 7400 to AED 8400
➜QA and Testing: AED 14,700 to AED 15,700
➜Back-end and Front-end Development: AED 33,000 to AED 40,000

About ParamInfo

At Paraminfo, we are a leading mobile app and eCommerce website development company in the Middle East, India, and the US. We have been providing the best IT solutions to multiple businesses in Dubai, India, and the US since our commencement in the year 2008. As Magento is one of the hardest platforms in the market, website developers who have enough experience as well as practice in proper using if Magento and PHP coding, can customize and develop an eCommerce website using Magento. Hence, for developing a Magento based website for your eCommerce platform, we will charge you around AED 50k-60k. However, the price can change depending on the specifications and requirements. Our team of professionals would help you to build your dream online store that would become popular among people from every corner of the world in no time. At Paraminfo, we would help you to build, market, as well as run your store in the best possible way.

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