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Data is the new oil in today’s businesses. Each and every minor, as well as major decisions that are taken, are based on the data. If you are totally unaware of the various data related terms, we will help you in decoding them and also give you an insight into data scientist job.

In order to analyze data we need to understand how data is generated. Each and every time when a person clicks on a link, posts a picture, likes some post on social media data is generated. The work of a data analyst starts once the data is generated. 

What is Data Science?

Data science is a broad term that is used for all the terms which are related to data which include data analytics, data mining, machine learning as well as big data.

Data not only involves getting detailed information as well as the current trends from the data collected over a certain time period but also takes care of the creation of intelligent systems, development of predictive models, algorithms as well as protocols.

Data analytics refers to the process of the inspection of data, finding problem areas, generating hypotheses, creating insights from the data, and recommending solutions for the betterment of the product in due course of time.

In simple words,

  • *Data Analytics simply involves breaking down a larger problem into smaller problems based on the study of the data collected.

  • *Data science involves creating predictive modeling to solve any problem.

  • *Data science involves speculation as data scientists predict what will happen in the future based on the analysis of the data which they have performed.

What are the skills required to become a Data Scientist?

In order to procure an IT job in Dubai as a data scientist, you need to have a mix of both left and right brain skills. You need to be good with numbers as well as have curiosity when you are looking forward to getting into any data-related job.

However, there are certain skills which you should have as a data scientist.

Let’s have a look at them.

1. Programming Languages 

In order to be a successful data scientist you need to have significant knowledge in either of the three languages which are Java, Python or R.

  • * Java is a general-purpose coding language that helps in writing coding algorithms which are complex in nature.

  • * Python is an excellent choice when it comes to data science as python comes in handy for developing advanced machine learning applications. Python is very convenient and easy to use.

  • * R allows a data scientist to carry out the statistical and quantitative research and hence is important from a data scientist’s perspective. You can easily land a good software job in Dubai with one of these language skills. 

2. MS-Excel

When you are taking a leap into the field of data science, it is important that you know the ins and outs of MS-Excel. MS-Excel has a lot of functions that can come handy while processing data. MS-Excel is great when it comes to basic statistical modeling. 

3. Probability and Statistics

Probability and statistics are very important when it comes to being a data scientist as you need to predict, create a hypothesis, study past data and all this can be done only when you know your stats.

4. Analytical Rigor

It is the job of the data scientist to continuously study the movement of data.

Thus it is very important to ask the question about why when there is a drop in some rate or some unusual spike in some data. This will help the business to understand its customers and also help in determining business strategies. 

How to Get Started?

If you are interested in being a data scientist and wondering how to get started.

Here are a few steps which can help you out:

1. Enroll in a Data Science Program

There are many renowned institutes that offer data science programs. In order to be a data scientist, you can get enrolled in one of these programs to get all the relevant knowledge. There are many online courses available as well. 

2. Master the Tools

In order to be professional, you need to master the tools which are required to be a data scientist. You need to be fluent in Java, Python and R to get the best out of this profession. 

3. Mathematical Skills

Mathematics can be a boring subject, but you must befriend mathematics and be a wizard of numbers as you need to do a lot of calculating and speculating as a data analyst. There are a lot of things which you need to take care of mathematically as well when you become a data scientist. 

A career in data science is very crucial and it has a wide spectrum. Being a data scientist one can have a job in any industry as the demand for a data scientist is everywhere. With the appropriate skills and experience, you can do wonders in this profession.



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