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In today’s world, almost every person on Earth uses technology for various reasons. All of us are entirely dependent on our mobile phones because it provides us with the liberty to stay in touch with current affairs and helps in leading a happy life. With the help of mobile apps, people can look for A-one services of beauty, education, healthcare, and more by simply tapping a few times on their phone.

Entrepreneurs have started to invest in the sector of demanding services as consumers are increasingly looking for simplifying their work of hiring and searching for professionals. Various services like AC repair and service, home cleaning, electrician, plumbing, washing machine repairing, refrigerator mending, and more. The best example among these is UrbanClap.

People who are living the city lifestyle, Urban Clap is the one-stop destination for them. Through this application, you can hire professionals from various fields and get your things done. As everyone is busy these days, Urban Clap offers an endless list of services so that you can avail the required assistance whenever you want. The User Interface of the app is hassle-free along with easy-to-use features that make the application more compatible. The users can book any service by just a single click. The app also stores messages and in-app calls under the “application history.”

In case you are also gaining an interest in investing in on-demand applications like Urban Clap, you have come to the correct place. The best thing about investing in on-demand applications is that users start investing more in these apps which subsequently helps the application to earn more money. In on-demand investments, you can opt for dining reservations, family care, pet care, laundry, home services, travel accommodations, grocery delivery, food delivery, transportation, and more. If you want to own an on-demand app, then you can contact a mobile app development company.

How much does it cost to develop an app like Urban Clap?

When you go to an app development company, they will consider various components which will finally decide the amount of money that you need to invest behind the development of your desired app. Let us take a look at some of the said components.

Mobile Platform:

Creating a mobile app for a specific platform will not be sufficient. If you want to approach users from different corners of the world, you have to target numerous platforms. In case you have limited resources, targeting different platforms can be quite difficult.

Professional Development Team:

Hiring the best quality analysts and mobile app developers who have great experience in creating an app like Urban Clap is crucial. This way, the developers will alter the cost that would fit your requirements as well as your resources.

UI or UX App Design:

Appealing and interesting User Interface is the trend these days. Professional app developers help you to choose a professional color combination that looks good and clean. Efficacious app design helps in seducing customers.

Technology Used:

If you want to run your mobile app impeccably, it is crucial for you to ponder over the latest technologies like automation, cloud solution, chatbox, and more. These will help you to provide exceptional attention to your customers.


The app developers would implement various testing complemented during the development process that would help in making your on-demand application bug and error-free. Hiring the perfect mobile app development company would ensure that your app is run through various testing methods.

Now, your country’s economic stability would also play a huge role in determining the cost of developing an on-demand service like Urban Clap. Here, we have listed the average cost for app developers or app development companies in varied countries.

➜Australia: $18/hour

➜New Zealand: $15/hour

➜Europe: $18/hour

➜USA: $18/hour

➜India: $12/hour

➜UAE: $15/hour

For time invested mobile app developers:

Highly Multifaceted Apps: It would take more than nine hundred hours in total.

Multifaceted Apps: It would take nearly sixty to nine hundred hours.

Moderate Apps: It would take four hundred to six hundred hours.

Simple Apps: It would take nearly three hundred hours.

Thinking about the functionalities, technologies, features, and components that we have discussed above, it can be estimated that the developing cost for creating an on-demand application like Urban Clap can be priced between $15,000 to $30,000.

About ParamInfo

At Paraminfo, we have been developing on-demand mobile applications for years now. Our sole goal is to provide our clients with the best applications which feature the latest functions. Our team of experts will make sure that every requirement of our clients’ are met, so that they stay fully satisfied. Our clients’ needs are our top priority. Hence, if you want to develop an on-demand application like Urban Clap, you can contact us right away.

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