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The restaurant industry is more than just a physical business and therefore establishments and eateries need an effective mobile app for management. Apart from the ambiance and food, restaurants also need to deliver quality service and a good restaurant management app can help them in this regard. This also opens up a lucrative opportunity for any resourceful mobile app development company.

With a restaurant management application built by expert app developers, establishments can supervise their entire premises easily and also keep themselves updated with the latest technological trends that can help their diners. It takes efficient strategizing, planning, execution, and experimenting to run a successful restaurant. Plus, business owners need to constantly learn from their mistakes and continuously enhance their services. A quality restaurant management app can help customers, employees, and owners in multiple ways the details of which we provide in this article.

Multi-Featured Customer App

Mobile app developers can create a competent application that helps restaurants keep a record of all diners and notifies loyal customers about discounts and rewards. This capability can help the establishment to improve customer retention and gain repeat business.

Let’s take a detailed look at the other main features of a good restaurant management app:

Location Finder

The application development company can include a location finder with map integration facility in the app to help customers easily navigate their way to the restaurant. This can be helpful to first-time visitors and those who are new to the area.

QR Code Scanner

To boost privacy and security, the mobile app development company can feature a QR code scanner in the application. This enables diners to sign-in securely with their mobile device and then choose a table and place their food order.

Dine-In or Take Out

The app’s home page can offer the options of dine-in, delivery, or takeaway. Customers can select one of the choices and place their orders.

Table Reservation

For customers who wish to dine in, the app can display a “book a table” feature that shows them the occupied and vacant tables. Diners can easily choose a suitable table and book their meals in advance.

Diner Details

App developers can include a dashboard function that gives the restaurant admin details about customers who have chosen to dine in. This data can include their past orders and loyalty. The restaurant will thus be able to provide personalized service to each diner based on these details.

E-Menu Capability

The app can display an e-menu to customers to enable them to select their food items. This menu can display the quantity, pricing, and ingredients used to prepare the food item. Thus, this feature can help diners to select their favorite meal items.

Meal Customization

Mobile app developers can add a meal customization option that enables the customer to suggest the right proportion of ingredients, taste, and other instructions to the chef. In this way, the restaurant can offer a tailored and individualized service to each diner.

Push Notification

After customers place their order it will be sent to the chef for review and preparation. The restaurant management app can send push notifications to the diner about the order status as well as any changes to it.

Order Cancellation

If the customer wishes to cancel their order for any reason, they can use this feature. It immediately notifies the chef to halt the meal preparation.

Track the Status of Live Orders

Customers can track their orders live after placing them. The waiter can change the order status as the meal is being prepared and update diners about the latest order information.

Personalized Offers

The application development company can include a feature to reward loyal customers for their continued patronage. This functionality shows diners their loyalty points and the offers and discounts tailored for them. Diners can also gain reward points for referring to their contacts.

Multiple Payment Options

The restaurant management app should allow customers to pay for their meal using multiple methods including e-wallet, net banking, credit card, and debit card.

Customer Feedback

Finally, the app should enable diners to provide their feedback on the quality of food, service, ambiance and other aspects. The restaurant can use these insights to improve their food and service quality.

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