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The modern generation has become immobile and sedentary due to advancements in technology which help us to do all our work just from our desks. As a result, about 30% of people in the world have become obese or overweight, according to a health study. Therefore, nutrition centers and gyms have become popular across the globe as people try to lose weight and gain better fitness.

However, many individuals don’t have the time to visit the gym. For such people, mobile app developers are creating nutrition and diet apps that help them to keep tabs on their calorie intake and follow a good diet.

Any inventive mobile app development company would realize the need for fitness and health apps in the market. The opportunities are vast and this article provides app developers with ideas to create nutrition and diet apps, and the features they can include in them. A glance at Google Play and Apple App stores shows that calorie calculating, meal planning, social platform, diet and nutrition, and wager apps are some of the most popular niche applications that downloaded and utilized by millions of users.

Now, let’s take a look at the essential features an application development company should include in their nutrition app:


The app should facilitate easy sign-up and store important details about the user such as their age, height, weight, preferred diet, desired weight, goals, food allergies, and others. Users should be given the option to sign up manually, or via Twitter, Facebook, or email.

Informative Dashboard

The mobile app development company should include a clear and informative dashboard in the app that displays data such as the user’s calorie intake, their progress towards their goals, and helpful nutrition tips. App developers should take care to ensure that the dashboard is interactive and appealing to make the app successful. Therefore, it is essential to spend plenty of money and time to get the UI/UX right and also allow users to customize this feature for their needs.

Push Notifications

Mobile app developers should utilize push notifications to remind users about their daily meals, workout sessions, and other important health and nutrition tasks. Plus, the app can deliver motivational messages to inspire users to work harder towards their health goals. However, care should be taken to not overuse this feature as it can annoy customers.

Integration with Fitness Trackers and Wearables

A health industry report reveals that about 929 million wearables and fitness trackers will be bought and used by fitness enthusiasts in 2021. The advantage of these devices is they automatically record important data such as the user’s pulse, heart rate, blood pressure, and others. This saves the user the tiresome task of manually entering this data which could also be inaccurate. For these reasons, it is essential for the application development company to ensure their nutrition app integrates seamlessly with fitness trackers and wearables.

Help and Assistance Section

To aid users, the nutrition app should offer a well-stocked help and advice section that includes FAQs, tutorial videos, and user manuals. In addition, a chat tool can be added to assist users who are not able to find the needed answers in the help section.

Diet Plan for Users

The nutrition app should be able to recommend a suitable health and diet plan for users based on their goals such as desired weight and data like preferred food and body type. This recommended diet should include aspects that fit the user’s choices and preferences.

Barcode Scanner

The nutrition app should have an inbuilt barcode scanner to help users during shopping. The scanner can help the user’s phone to record important information such as the ingredients and calories of the food products they purchase. This information can be used by the user to consume the food items in the right proportions according to their diet plan.


The nutrition app should enable users to provide their feedback which can be used by app developers to further improve the application. App users should be able to provide their feedback on any loopholes in the app as well as suggestions for more features.

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