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Any resourceful mobile app development company would recognize the growing demand for decentralized applications or DAPPS. An industry report indicates that the market for creating blockchain DAPP solutions exceeded $2.1 billion in 2018. These DAPPs can be utilized effectively not only in banking but also in other sectors like healthcare, e-commerce, logistics, transportation, casino, gaming, and others. 

What is a DAPP?

App developers know that a DAPP functions on a peer-to-peer mode without any central party to track its working. It can accommodate an unlimited amount of end users. Other features of a DAPP are open source framework and cryptographic data storage.  

Let’s take a look how mobile app developers can build DAPPs that have an impact on the e-commerce and healthcare sectors:

Impact on E-Commerce 

DAPPs can help to eliminate the need for third parties and centralized banks by making payment processing a peer-to-peer action. This can help e-commerce businesses to improve customer experience and engagement.  

Quicker Payment Processing

Though numerous global payment players exist including e-wallets and PayPal, e-commerce companies are still affected by payment errors, late processing, and transaction failures. DAPPs can help to overcome this problem as they facilitate peer-to-peer transactions which eliminates the chances of mistakes. Plus, there is no need for third party assistance which can help consumers to save transaction fees. 

Decentralized E-Commerce Market

In decentralized online applications, the end user has the entire power and they can decide on upgrades to the transactions and the platform. An inventive application development company can focus on building building blockchain DAPPs as these can influence online markets a great deal. Consumers can place their demands and e-commerce businesses can accordingly plan the supply without the need for a centralized entity. 

Efficient Supply Chain

To ensure buyer satisfaction, e-commerce companies need to deliver their goods quickly to consumers. DAPPs can help to organize a large and efficient supply chain. E-commerce firms would be able to track the product delivery from start to end. If an item is mishandled, they can reschedule delivery so that customers are not impacted. 

Monetization of E-Commerce DAPP 

A mobile app development company can build an effective e-commerce DAPP that can be monetized from the online purchases of consumers. In addition, e-commerce businesses can consider the subscription model of Amazon Prime which earns Amazon a steady revenue stream while providing customers a higher quality of service. 

Impact on Healthcare 

Today, most healthcare research companies are focusing on finding an effective cure to cancer with different chemicals. However, these efforts are being done separately and the need of the hour is an intersection point where researchers can consolidate their solutions into one. DAPPs can facilitate this. They allow surgeons and doctors to exchange data in real time which is also updated for the use of every medical practitioner. Blockchain DAPPs built by expert app developers can also help the healthcare sector in the following ways:

Improved Accounts Management

Physicians can gain a lot from DAPPs. They typically use a portal to share their information which needs to be transparent yet secure. Many parties are involved in the research process which means anyone would be able to modify any data. Blockchain DAPPs can help as they enable doctors to easily record data digitally and prevent its overriding. Further, this data is logged at each touch point so it is validated multiple times before being used. Thus, this assures the quality of information while making the process user-friendly. 

Digital Agreements

Paper-based agreements and contracts are inefficient, insecure, and time-consuming. DAPPs are the solution as they facilitate digital forms that can be e-signed by the patient who undergoes the operation. Since blockchain DAPPs don’t have a central authority, they can enable faster processes and ensure the safety of patients and other healthcare consumers. 

Monetization of Healthcare DAPP 

Mobile app developers can build a healthcare DAPP that can be monetized by medical organizations using a service-based or subscription revenue model. Thus, a blockchain DAPP can not improve the quality of healthcare service but also help institutions to operate profitably too. 

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