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With the digital intervention, a customer walks into a restaurant with an acquired knowledge and assumption. With the variety of services offered currently, customers are always leaning towards an informed purchase. So, websites become an essential tool for restaurants to construct their brand value and help consumers form a first-hand impression. Naturally, a website becomes the virtual haven of a restaurant. Now, the question is “How to Tackle Your Restaurant Website Design” – To answer that, you’d need to harbor and bank on your restaurant’s appeal and find a unique voice with the help of a website design and development company.

Why are Website Designs Famous for a Restaurant?

Research conducted recently revealed that 50% of the diner demographic checks a restaurant online before going in. So, when you hire a web design company, you need to make sure that they specifically tend to the website design. Here’s an overview of the things that make your restaurant’s website design so important.

A welcome Mat

A restaurant’s website design serves as a welcome mat which then leads the diner into the concerned establishment. The website design should be such that the customers find all the necessary information needed to call the shots. These granular pieces of data can be anything from location to wifi-availability.

Resonating the Customer Experience

The website of a restaurant should be such that it acts as an extension to the dining experience. The site should exact and resonate the intricacies of getting their dinners served in the concerned restaurant.

Interactive Website Design

A website design should be made interactive so that customers can have a glimpse of what they can expect. The website should not be cluttered or have any visible impediments that can act as a future deterrent.

The Quintessential Formula for a Good Restaurant Website

When you are tasked with tackling your restaurant’s website design, you need to formulate a recipe for an appealing website design. You’re likely to hire a website design company who will successfully convert your ideas into designs that will cumulatively form an excellent website for the restaurant. Here’s a list of things that you should add in your checklist:

Contact Information

You need to make sure that your restaurant’s contact information is updated. There should be multiple channels via which the consumers can get in touch, like social media handles, email and direct call.


This is quite obviously a necessity. Don’t forget to put in landmarks, especially if the restaurant is near any remarkable landmark or tourist attraction.

Opening/Closing Hours

The timing should be articulated for the consumers.


The restaurant menu should be such that it resonates its aesthetics and theme. The same can be added to the website. But if you are changing your menu periodically, then the update on the website should also be at par with real time-frequency.

Interior/Food Photos

Add high-quality photos of the restaurant decor and food while publishing the same online. It will help consumers visualize the menu and have a virtual feel of what they can expect.

About Your Restaurant

Make sure your design includes an about page that articulates the restaurant’s mission and story. It should be written in a way that it invigorates a sense of intrigue amongst the customers.

Reservation Availability

Does the restaurant take a reservation? Is it available online, or do the customers have to wait in line to get a seat? All the relevant information about the restaurant reservation system should be added online.

Social Media Influence

Make sure that the social media handles are connected even on the website design. This will direct consumers to the social media handles where they can get a second-hand opinion from other customers.

Online Order Availability

Does the restaurant offer takeouts? If so, then relevant links must be added on the website.


There should be a blog section that provides updates about the upcoming events, offers and also a sneak peek of what happens behind.


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