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TikTok Like App: How Much Does it Cost to Develop?

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TikTok Introduction

TikTok mobile application has created ripples in the music industry. Ever since its release in 2016, the app has succeeded in attracting the youth worldwide. The app tasted phenomenal success and it has been downloaded more than 660 million times smashing the download record of PUBG, YouTube, Instagram and Whatsapp for the year 2018. Even today TikTok has been witnessing active downloads on a large scale.

Whenever we open our social media account like Facebook and Instagram, you can find many TikTok videos popping up on the screen. Social video apps have become hugely popular among the audience. The impact of the app is such that many businesses are now looking to create a music app like TikTok as a startup idea. There is plenty of revenue potential for music apps and as such many startups and businesses are on the look for mobile app development similar to TikTok.

But before we dive further, let’s have a brief understanding of what the app is all about. Earlier being known as the Chinese music video platforms allow users lip-sync to famous songs and dialogues present in the movies and other events. Users can also sing and dance, create videos using live filters, funny stickers, special effects and upload them on various social media platforms. Further, the app allows the users to choose their favorite videos from multiple categories that include funny and serious videos, informative videos and so on.

TikTok offers a unique platform for millions of users to showcase their talent and knowledge. The app offers more than 100 face filters and emoji stickers that users can employ in their videos. Further, with the presence of realistic editing tools, TikTok accounts for an awesome experience to its users. There is also plenty of revenue potential for music video apps like TikTok as it features a large customer base. To explore the potential, many businesses and startups are on the look for an ideal mobile app development company for making an application like TikTok.

Basic and Advanced Features required to Create TikTok like Application

Simple user interface: The users love to use the apps that are easy and fun to use. Make sure that the user’s first experience would be the best experience so that they love to visit again. In the case of TikTok, when the user opens the app, they go straight to the prominent video. The popularity of the videos is measured by hearts. Next, the app shows the new and most popular videos as rated by the users. In a way, the platform ensures the first experience of the user remains as the best experience.

Hearts Count:

Unlike other social media platforms, TikTok allows you to like a video without following the user. You just need to double tap the video and give a like to that video. The likes in TikTok are counted as hearts and in case of TikTok, every heart counts and can be termed as the currency to gain popularity.

Social Feature:

Duet is a popular social feature that TikTok offers. The creator can begin creating the video by lip-syncing to a favourite movie dialogue or song. Then the other users can scan the videos related to the video and can spice it up with their spin.

Music library:

There is a vast database of songs available in the music library and offers users with a multitude of option to make the desired choice.

Social Sharing:

Social media offers a wonderful platform to get noticed by many within a short span of time. The app allows users to share their videos on many social media platforms.  It allows users to like, comment, and post other videos on social media.

Compatible Across Platforms:

TikTok app is compatible across various platforms like Android and iOS and works wonderfully.

Push Notifications:

It is not possible for the users to keep track of their favourite broadcaster all the time. With push notifications, users will be notified the instant the broadcaster begins the live streaming and hence they would not miss anything. Further, the app developers can implement the scheduling feature in the app for increased user interaction.


The feature is another exciting addition to the app and allows users to select their desired broadcaster in his vicinity. The app uses the current location of the user and displays the creators on the app who is broadcasting live at the instant. The active creators are highlighted in green and the inactive ones in red.

Required Technology Stack :

The platform of such nature requires the presence of a huge technology stack. Let’s take a look at the technology needed for making TikTok like application.

Cloud: AWS

Database: Main chimp integration, Cassandra, Postgres, HBase, Mongo DB

Real-time Analytics: Spark streaming, Azure stream analytics, and Apache Flink

Payments Integration: PayPal, Stripe, Braintree, and e-Wallet

Push Notifications:, Twilo

Cloud Storage: Google cloud storage, Azure and Amazon S3

Universal Operating System: Debian

For Powerful Programming: GWT

Content Delivery Networks (CDSs): Requires highly scalable CDN services to securely stream media.

Media Server Configurations: Requires HTTPS, RTMP, and HTTP configuration

Video/Audio Transcoding: Can use Open-source platforms like FFMPEG, or third-party solution like Amazon elastic transcoder.

Player Configuration: Music player needs to be configured

Development Team Structure for Making TikTok like App

For creating an app like TikTok needs the presence of a strong development team. It includes

A Project manager

UI/UX designer

iOS developer,

Android developer

Backend developer

Database and QA experts

Delivery manager

Modes of Revenue Generation :

There are a number of ways by which music apps like TikTok can generate decent amounts of money, some of which include:


You can choose to display ads from other companies to earn a decent amount of money. Advertising can take many forms like Cost per click, Cost per install, etc.


One of the efficient means to gain a premium amount of money. You need to explain the app idea to the investors and if they seem interested, they would invest in your app.

In-app Purchases:

The option itself is a great opportunity to earn money; in-app purchases involves charging the users with a small amount of money to upgrade to the premium version for enjoying additional features.

Selling the App:  

There are many buyers looking to get hold of the successful applications. If your app has a decent customer base and prominent among the targeted users, then you can approach potential investors to strike a deal.

Cost for Developing an App like TikTok :

The development cost of any application depends on a multitude of factors. Some of them include types of platforms, development region, design complexity, resource requirement, the number of hours involved in the development and so on. The development cost is likely to raise depending on the inclusion of additional features and platforms. If you are looking for TikTok like application development, then you are in the right place. ParamInfo is the leading mobile app development company featuring expertise developers who are experts in developing mobile applications across multiple platforms. Feel free to contact us in case of any queries.



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