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Technology has been helping businesses for long and have played a major role in improving the productivity of the business. Custom software is the latest trend among small enterprises. While many businesses still depend on the software off the shelf, now a majority of small enterprises are opting for custom software development. The off the shelf solutions cater to a variety of business needs, but they fail to address the problems of individual organisations.  Now, businesses are starting to realise the importance of custom software and are leveraging it to improve productivity and streamline the process.

Benefits of Custom Software Applications for Small Businesses?

Tailor-Made for Small Businesses:

Custom software applications are tailor-made to fit the individual needs and requirements of an organisation. Since the applications are optimised for every department, it helps businesses to optimise operations and stay productive. 

Better Security:

Since the off-shelf software is being used by many businesses, there lies a potential risk from hackers. On the other hand, in custom software, you get a better application and data security and ensure the privacy of the operations.

Dedicated Support:

In case of a custom software app, there is a dedicated team for effective resolution of issues round the clock. If any issue arises with regard to deployment or for that matter any aspect of the software, a team is always ready to offer solutions. The software development company takes care of everything from deployment to implementation of custom software application for your business.

Offer Greater Flexibility:

The custom software grants organisation more flexibility to customise software interface and also you can avail better software solutions having fully functional features.

Quick Reporting:

Reporting is very important for any business. Instead of digging through multiple excel sheets, and doc files, the custom business solutions give summarised reports with valuable inputs that can be used to achieve business goals.

Lower Cost:

The cost of purchasing an off-shore software application is considerably higher when compared to the custom software. It can be attributed mainly to the cost of hardware. The software tailor the application so that it does not require hardware to run.

Method of Developing a Custom Software Application

The development of a custom software solution involves a series of stages that constitute the cycle. The stages include planning, analysing, designing, development and implementation, testing and maintenance.


Planning forms the foremost step when it comes to developing a route of action. Here the software developers make a perfect plan that aligns with the business objectives. For that, they need to have a complete understanding of the project before drawing an estimated project plan.


Analysis is the second most important stage that is responsible for moving the project further. It involves investigating the functionality and validating the project at multiple stages and validating additional requirements.


The stage involves building the architecture of the software. Here the developer makes a standard interface which is designed keeping in view of both the technical and business intelligence.

Development and Implementation:

The critical aspect of software development begins here with data recording and assessment in the background. After the completion of software development, the next comes the implementation part wherein the software is tested under a pilot study to check that it is functioning properly.


In this custom software is subjected to a rigorous process wherein the developers check for all functionalities using the test plan. The developers check for any bugs or errors through user and unit testing.


Once the software succeeds to pass all the stages, then it undergoes maintenance process, wherein the software is regularly updated inorder to align with the business needs. 

Best Custom Software Development Company

ParamInfo is the best custom software development company and offers efficient and affordable custom software development services to small businesses. The company holds a vast experience of more than ten years in developing feature-rich and easy to use custom software applications. The solutions offered by ParamInfo help small companies to make good use of these technologies and stay ahead of the competition. 

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