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There are many available online stores to promote and sell new and old products/services. But what if you wanted to sell only a few products, be it new, old or used things rather than leaving them unused. Under such circumstances, designing and creating an entirely new site is not ideal option. It is here, the role of  classified websites gains significance. In simpler terms, a classified website is an online platform where people buy and sell products, services, real-estate, automotive ,electronic repairs, event management, transportation services and so on. 

The Classified websites are beneficial to small business owners and vendors who sell products or for those consumers who are looking to buy and sell stuff. These websites offer free services and help online marketers, advertisers, freelancers to promote their business or work. In view of their significance, there has been a growing demand for classified website development. A well established classified website design and development company builds a fully featured classified website with the best user experience and interface design. In this article, we would explain in detail the step by step procedure for building a classified website.

Important Steps to Build a Classified Website

The building of a classified website involves multiple steps. Let’s go through each of them.

Select a Domain and Hosting Name for Classified Website

The first and foremost thing when it comes to developing a classified website is to pick the right domain name and hosting for your website.

Choose the Appropriate Platform

There are multiple building tools and options available when it comes to building a classified website. Among them, WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) offering premium services that include one-click WordPress install and optimised performance.

Reasons for Picking WordPress

The WordPress is completely open source  and is perfect for beginners. It features thousands of designs to control the look and features of the website. The site looks invariably good on any screen size. There are also thousands of available plugins to increase the function of the website. WordPress is constantly updated to provide superior performance and security.

Installing WordPress and Classifieds Theme 

Login into the WordPress control panel and install WordPress from the default settings using simple scripts. WordPress gets installed on the website.  In the next step, Install a classified WordPress theme wherein you can do the customisations such as installing plugins, changing menus, styles and so on. 

Features that Must be Included in a Classified Website

User login/Registration System:

User registration is the first step when it comes to registering on a classified website. In the registration, the users can give all the detailed information and also manage ads, sales, plans, messages and more. 

Ad Search Feature:

When the user accesses the website, they can search for the relevant ads using keywords, location and range. The advanced search feature gives users multiple options such as searching via categories or type.

Ad Page Inside View:

The product page contains all the details related to the product such as description, details, image, prices and more. The users can also trace the advertisers location via Google Maps. 

Classified ad Categories:

There website developers needs to include a category icon on top of the page related to the subject and offers quick and easy access to users.

There website developers needs to include a category icon on top of the page related to the subject and offers quick and easy access to users.

Post an Ad:

The feature “Post an ad” lets you add a new advertisement. In addition to standard options like description, details, images, there are additional options such as Expire after, Buy Now, Bidding and offers etc.

Multiple Payment Options:

There needs to be multiple payment options in a classified website such as Credit card, Debit card, Net banking, and Wallet for hassle-free transactions.

Best Website Design and Development Company

When it comes to picking the right web design and development company for classified website development there is no better option than ParamInfo. The company features expertise developers, designers and other staff who are abreast with all technology trends. ParamInfo offers a repertoire of classified website design and development services that include classified website design, classified website application development for all businesses. 



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