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The ultimate objective of any online business is to deliver positive user experience (web and mobile) for gaining more leads and increased user engagement.  So, to have a good UX, three parameters play a prominent role, they are loading speed, usability, and readability. With plenty of mobile devices in existence, mobile friendliness also matters. It is here the progressive web apps (PWAs) comes into the picture. Recognising the potential, many businesses are looking for the best progressive web app development company for creating PWAs.

What is a Progressive Web App?

Progressive web apps inculcate all the latest web technologies to deliver an awesome user experience. The PWAs load in web browser similar to web pages or websites. The PWA feels like native apps and offer the same experience. PWAs leverage modern web features that include push notifications, cache, etc., to offer rich based web experiences.  They combine the functionality of native apps and availability of the web and browser features to offer rich web-based experience. After installation, a user needs to click on the icon located on the homescreen to access the website. 

How Progressive Web Apps Differ from Traditional and Native Apps?

User-Friendly: Progressive web apps are easy to install and can be shared via URL. They are user-friendly and offer great user experience as they are reliable, secure and fast. 

Works Offline: PWAs work even on networks with low-quality or even offline.

Responsive: The PWAs easily adjust to any form be it desktop, mobile and tablet.

Faster loading: The progressive web apps load instantly within a fraction of seconds. User interactions also happen at a breeze.

Discoverability: Since progressive webapp is a website, it is easily discoverable in the search engines. It is a major advantage over native apps which lags behind websites when it comes to searchability.

User Engagement: Web push notifications serve a great deal to keep the users engaged with a product. It is believed that users spent twice as much time on the site and it also leads to increased user engagement.

Why Should you Start Building Progressive Web Apps?

PWAs are clearly changing the web user experience and many big companies are opting for progressive web app development owing to their impact on business. Some of the big players who adopted PWAs include Twitter, Alibaba, Flipkart Lite, MakeMyTrip, Ali express, Snapdeal, Trivago, etc. The real benefits that progressive web apps offer to the business include:

No Hassle of App Store Integration: Getting your app listed on app stores like Google Play and Apple is a daunting task. The app needs to abide by the long list of rules offered by iOS and Android. With progressive web apps, that is never the case as it only requires hosting the product on the web server. Hence, it lets you focus on releasing the product at a much faster pace.

No Device limits:  PWAs will fit any device; be it desktop, mobile device or a tablet, the apps seem to respond flawlessly. The feature offers a seamless experience to the users and also helps your brand stay consistently ahead in the competition.

Easily Shareable: Unlike a native application, new users do not need to go to the store to download it. All a user need is an URL address and it can be easily shared irrespective of the device or tool. 

Occupy less Space: With the availability of a multitude of apps in the App stores, the number of available apps on devices is growing at an exponential pace. Hence the devices would face a lot of storage constraints. But with PWAs there is never a problem when it comes to storage as PWAs are hosted on a web server. The user can place PWA on the home screen without bothering about storage or any updates.

The Best Company for Progressive Web App Development
ParamInfo is the leading web application development company having expertise in developing progressive web apps. The developed apps are light, look and function like a native app, but they load quickly on multiple browsers irrespective of the internet connection speed. The company implements modern web capabilities to deliver an app like experience to the users. The development is seamless and uniform so that the user cannot point out the difference between a native app and a progressive web app. We develop apps that give the native feel and enhance user experience with faster load speeds, highly visual content and app-like navigation. The company has a rich pool of progressive web app developers who are well-versed to deliver best-in-class and innovative results.

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