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The public transportation is unable to cater to the needs of daily commuters. With the increasing traffic by every passing day, it is quite a challenge for commuters to reach office or destination in time. The evolution of ride-sharing taxi or cab booking services like Uber and Lyft has succeeded in offering a solution. But, even then they too suffer get blocked on busy roads due to traffic congestion. The advanced technology has succeeded in offering solutions to many of the complex problems and the commute is not an exception! Many players have recognised the opportunity and hence there has been the rise of many bike or scooter sharing applications to ease the process of the daily commute. Many commuters are now preferring to hire a scooter or bike for commuting short distances in an around the city owing to the convenience and affordability. Hence, there is a demand for a bike or a scooter sharing app development

What Makes Bike or Taxi Sharing Apps a Worthy Investment?

You are well aware that booking a rental cab or  taxi service is not an easy task. You need to wait for a bit of time before it arrives. But in the case of Bike sharing, the scenario is completely different. The rental bike service providers allow commuters to locate the nearby bikes or scooters and book them on the go using a mobile app. Booking a bike is easy, affordable and saves a lot of time. Although there are few players in the space, there is still plenty of scope to earn decent returns on investment. 

Reasons for Gaining Popularity

There is increased adoption of bike or scooter sharing applications. The Google Play Store is flooded with a  number of apps. Some of the reasons that can be attributed to scooter or a bike sharing app development are the convenience, and ease of use. The other common reasons include: 

Affordability :

The bike sharing services are cost-effective and much cheaper than the regular taxi or bike sharing.

Strong Network :

The services are well connected and available at major locations within the city.

User-Friendly Interface :

The app interface is quite easy to use and booking an app is a flawless experience. 

Hassle-Free Usage :

Not only booking, but also it is quite easy to park the bike at the designated points with ease after the end of the commute. All you need to do is locate the nearby station using the embedded GPS and park it in the designated point.

Features to Include in a Bike Sharing App

Ease of Availability :

The app should be easy to use and enable people to locate bikes from anywhere. The apps must include a bike tracking feature so that it can easily track the location of the rider. So, it makes it easy for other people to locate the approximate time of availability. 

A QR Code for Easy Unlocks :

The app should include a QR code support to unlock a bike without any hiccups. It also saves valuable time for the riders and unlocking a bike takes just a few seconds. All the users need to do is click on the “unlock” button in the app, and scan the QR code.

Advance Booking :

This is another important feature of the bike sharing app. The feature comes in handy when heavy bookings happen during a particular part of the day and eliminates the waiting times. It further ensures the customers reach the destination on time without any delays.

Multiple Payment Options :

The app developers must take due care to include multiple payment options to make it easy for the consumers. After a long ride, a rider finds it hard enough to go through the long and tedious payment process. Ensure that the payments happen with just a few clicks on the mobile screen. At the same time, there should never be a compromise on the security of users data. 

Dedicated Customer Support :

Customer support forms the heart of the bike sharing app. The app users can directly get in touch with the service provider when an issue arises while booking via mobile app. A bike sharing app must include a live chat option so that the riders can get in touch instantly for the resolution of issues. 

How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Bike or Scooter Sharing App

The cost of developing an app depends on a number of factors such as app complexity, integrated features, cost of developers and the choice of the app development company. Also, it depends on the duration of the development process that includes Designing, API development, Admin Panel, and user panel development Further, the cost would increase if there is an inclusion of advanced features in the app.



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