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Gone are the days, where the primary mode of communication used to be Email or SMS. Now, with the evolution of Artificial intelligence have brought in to light the Chatbots or virtual human assistants. Many businesses these days are opting for virtual assistants like Chatbots that automate conversation with the customers. When compared to the manual customer support, the automated chatbots are available round the clock. Further, they serve to increase customer engagement and thereby the retention. The demand for chatbots is increasing by every passing day. Some experts forecast the chatbots would replace human customer support in the coming days. So, before you approach a mobile app development company for Chatbot application development, you need to know the complete details about the Chatbots and their development.

Main Reasons Behind Employing Chatbots


With Chatbots, there is a visible increase in the productivity of the business. The Chatbots would be able to answer all by itself eliminating the hassle of the presence for manual customer support.

Evoke Curiosity: 

The presence of Chatbots evokes curiosity among the customers. They would want to explore their abilities more by interacting with Chatbots. 


The Chatbots are also a great source for customers for killing the time. The customers can interact with Chatbots on a length to know more about the business.

Types of Chatbots

Depending on the ways, the chatbots are programmed, they are mainly two types: Simple Chatbots and Smart Chatbots. Let’s check them in detail.

Simple Chatbots: 

Simple Chatbots function depending on the pre-written keywords. The app developers write the program with commands or regular expressions. The Chatbots cannot understand or process when the user asks the Chatbot without using a Keyword. Hence, the Chatbot replies accordingly, saying “ Sorry I did not understand. 

Smart Chatbots: 

The smart chatbots rely on Artificial intelligence to answer user queries. Here the Chatbot does not have any pre-recorded answers, rather it responds by giving a list of suggestions on the topic.

Benefits of Chatbots to Businesses

Improved Response Rates: 

Visitors/customers often get irritated, when there is no appropriate response from customer support. With Chatbots, it is never the case as the AI virtual assistant ensures to answer 100% of the user queries. 

Personalise Communications: 

A Chatbot answers to specific questions of visitors rather than displaying a list of suggestions. Customers feel cared, and it thereby increases the chances of making a purchase.

Enhance Customer Service: 

With quick and effective responses, Chatbots saves valuable time when compared to manual customer support.

 Building AI-Powered Chatbot for your Business

In case, if you are wondering about how to create a Chatbot, we offer you 4 tips that get you going. 

Define the Goal:

Before building a Chatbot, define the functions to be performed by the Chatbot.

Right Platform:

Define the right platform for interacting with the clients. It may be a Facebook messenger, Whatsapp or any other messaging platform. 

Mode of Creation:

Chatbots can be built from scratch or can be built using a ready-made Chatbot software

Customise and launch:

Develop a database and describe the algorithm of its actions. Ensure to double check Chatbot before the final launch. 

Creating from Scratch:

It involves building the Chatbot application using the code, manual integration with messengers and other customisations. Hence, you need to approach a Chat app development company that offer solutions for a reliable and secure chatting system that is compatible across multiple platforms. This method of Chatbot development involves investments of time and money.

By Chatbot Builder Platforms: 

Another method for building a Chatbot app is by using Chatbot builder platforms like Chatfuel, BeepBoop, Chatty people and so on. This mode of Chat app development is associated with some disadvantages such as limited configuration and dependence on the services.


The Chat app development seems straightforward in the first instance, but designing it as per the requirements and the language of customers is not an easy task! Every customer and audience express themselves differently and speaks in their own way. The mode of language also depends on the advertising and marketing campaigns of the business, the release of new services, the political situation of the country and so on. Hence, training a Chatbot app to understand multiple situations and respond correctly does require a lot of effort.

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