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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has become a global innovation powerhouse, attracting top talent worldwide. Thanks to its forward-thinking initiatives and thriving economy.  

If you’re on the hunt for the highest-paying jobs in Dubai in the vibrant world of technology or planning to relocate to Dubai, you’ve landed in the right spot. In this blog, we’re pulling back the veil on salaries, revealing the most lucrative opportunities Dubai offers.  

Whether you’re a coding whiz, a cybersecurity guru, or a data science enthusiast, we’ve sifted through the numbers to give you the real scoop on where the money is. 

Explore Jobs in UAE: Tech Jobs, Salaries and Places Hiring  

Data Analyst    

A data analyst scrutinizes extensive databases for patterns, trends, and insights using analytical abilities, data mining methods, and critical thinking. The average salary of a Data Analyst is AED 9,688/month.  
Exploring organizations looking for comparable talent:   

Google: A tech behemoth renowned for spearheading information research and creating innovative products with data scientists’ assistance.  
Mashreq Bank: Leading Middle Eastern bank Mashreq Bank uses information science to advance financial analysis and provide individualized customer service.  
Goldman Sachs: Goldman Sachs is the global leader in financial innovation. It uses data scientists and advanced analytics to create novel financing arrangements.   

Technology Analyst  

Technology Analyst is one of the top in-demand jobs in the UAE. In this position, individuals offer practical technological solutions that meet business and technological needs. In addition to developing and implementing technological solutions, technology analysts work with developers to create and assess functional specifications. 
A Technology Analyst’s average salary in Dubai is around AED 9,649/month.  

Companies Contracting for Comparable Parts:   

Apple: The computer giant Apple, known for its cutting-edge products, values, and cybersecurity expertise, is looking for a highly efficient Technology Analyst.  
Google: The undeniable titan of the tech industry, Google is steadfast in its commitment to protecting user data. Google is actively seeking skilled Technology Analysts with a flair for creating and executing cutting-edge technological solutions. 
Visa: Visa is looking for skilled Technology Analysts who can provide helpful technical solutions that align with corporate goals and technological progress.     

Data Technician  

An essential function of a data technician is managing and optimizing data systems. They facilitate data-driven decision-making by protecting data confidentiality, accuracy, and integrity. A data technician in Dubai typically makes about AED 7,613 per month. 

Companies Enlisting for Comparable Parts:    

Deloitte: A leader in professional services worldwide, Deloitte uses data to drive insights and innovation in various industries. They depend on data technologists to offer data analysis, visualization, and management skills and to assist their clients in traversing complicated data landscapes.  
Amazon: To facilitate decision-making and improve customer experiences, data technicians are critical in maintaining and enhancing Amazon’s data infrastructure. They guarantee practical data storage, retrieval, and analysis. 
Manpower Group: A premier worldwide provider of workforce solutions, Manpower Group uses data to inform talent strategies, workforce planning, and recruitment initiatives. 

Software Engineer Manager 

Software Engineer Manager is one of the most rewarding IT jobs in Dubai. They oversee project management, strategic direction-setting, and ensuring software is delivered successfully. They also encourage and mentor software engineers, which promotes a collaborative and innovative atmosphere.  
A Software Engineer Manager’s typical monthly pay in the United Arab Emirates is about AED 31,958/month.   

Businesses Looking to Hire Similar Talent: 

Oracle: Oracle, a global leader in cloud applications and platform services, needs Software Engineer Managers to supervise the creation of cutting-edge software solutions.  
MichaelPage: Michael Page is looking for Software Engineer Managers who can develop a creative and cooperative work atmosphere while successfully inspiring and leading teams to produce high-quality software products. 
Chalhoub Group: Chalhoub Group is a Middle Eastern luxury retail group that uses technology to optimize customer experiences and expedite corporate processes.  

Technical Program Manager 

Technical Program Managers orchestrate complex tech projects, coordinating efforts across teams and stakeholders to ensure successful delivery. They oversee project planning, execution, and monitoring while managing risks and dependencies.  
In the UAE, Technical Program Managers earn an average salary of around AED 6,03,000 annually. 

Companies Contracting for Similar Talents: 

New York University: At NYU, technical program managers oversee intricate technological projects and initiatives that support administrative and academic operations while securing alignment with strategic goals and providing value to stakeholders.  
Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB): At ADIB, technical program managers supervise cross-functional teams that provide technology solutions and initiatives to support the bank’s digital transformation path.    
Oracle: Oracle technical program managers carry out intricate technological initiatives and programs. They work with cross-functional teams to provide solutions that satisfy client demands and spur company expansion.   

Security Analyst 

Security analysts are the frontline defenders against cyber threats and are responsible for monitoring, analyzing, and responding to security incidents. The average salary range for a Security Analyst in the UAE is approximately AED 13,000 to AED 25,000. 

Exploring organizations looking for comparable talent:   

Chalhoub Group: At Chalhoub Group, technical program managers guide cross-functional teams toward delivering technological solutions that improve customer experiences and stimulate commercial expansion for their portfolio of high-end brands.  
Google: At Google, technical program managers lead substantial projects and endeavors, staying at the forefront of technology to provide innovative solutions that influence the direction of the digital landscape.  
BDO UAE: BDO UAE technical Program Managers are responsible for executing technology projects and activities that support the firm’s strategic objectives and deliver value to clients.   

Software Engineer 

Software engineers create, build, and maintain software applications and systems, which serve as the foundation for digital innovation. With technology continuously changing, Software Engineers are vital for driving technological improvements and improving user experiences. 
In the UAE, Software Engineers earn an average salary of around AED 12,000/per month. 

Companies Contracting for Similar Talents: 

The Emirates Group: The Emirates Group, a worldwide aviation and travel company, is committed to using technology to improve customer experiences and optimize operations.    
Etisalat: Etisalat is at the forefront of digital transformation and innovation. Its software engineers help to create advanced telecommunications infrastructure, digital services, and innovative solutions that meet consumers’ changing expectations in the digital age. 
Careem: Software Engineers at Careem develop and enhance the company’s platform and services, enabling seamless and efficient mobility solutions for millions of users across the region. 

Information Technologist 

IT professionals solve technical problems, implement security measures, and effectively use IT resources. Because companies rely so heavily on technology, it helps with digital transformation and supports organizational processes. Information technologists in the UAE typically make AED 9,500 a month.   

Companies Contracting for Comparable Parts: 

Technology Science Trading: Information Technologists at Technology Science Trading manage and optimize IT systems, support clients’ technology needs, and drive digital transformation initiatives. 
Zayed University: Information Technologists at Zayed University support the university’s IT infrastructure and services, ensuring the reliable operation of technology systems and providing technical support to faculty, staff, and students. 
Oracle: Oracle’s Information Technologists contribute to developing, implementing, and supporting its technology solutions, helping clients leverage the power of its cloud infrastructure and applications to drive business success.  

Wrapping Up 

The UAE has many avenues for digital professionals seeking the highest-paying jobs in Dubai in an exciting and imaginative environment.    

This quick guide to relocating to Dubai has something for everyone, whether you’re a computer program designer, information researcher, cybersecurity professional, cloud modeler, or AI builder in Dubai’s thriving IT industry.     

By investigating job opportunities in the UAE and taking advantage of our fast direct-to-move jobs, you can set out on an energizing unused chapter in your career in one of the world’s most vibrant cities.  



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