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With the advancement of technology and affordable data packs, there is a visible increase in the number of mobile users. An ideal website design company must take proper care and attribute much focus on design that is compatible with all mobile users. Post-2015, even Google attributed mobile friendliness as a significant ranking signal. If your website is not optimised for mobile, then be prepared to experience a drastic decline in traffic owing to a significant impact on Google search results.

The Pageless Design is the Future of the Web:

When we visit a website, we are welcomed with a traditional design featuring a large image slider, a top or side navigation, images, sidebar composed of various links and so on. Today’s digital platform offers an excellent platform to the web developers to free websites from the outdated conventions of the print design.

There is a tremendous increase in the browser capabilities to broadband limitations and bountiful availability of HTML, CSS and javascript. So, the website developers are equipped with all the arsenal required for effective and CTA website design. The new pageless design featuring a single page website structure is the feature of the web. A pageless design cuts down the clutter of multiple pages and presents all the information in a single page.

Top 10 Reasons that Makes Pageless Design the Future of the Web:

1) Guided Narrative to Make a Call to Action

Websites are the most effective tool to communicate with customers, prospects, and clients, enthusiasts and partner. The paperless design offers a guided narrative and quickly helps to accomplish a specific objective that requires a particular action on the part of the user. It is an innovative way to deliver the message, create interest and generate an appropriate response.

2) Smooth, Intuitive and Easy to Digest

Majority of the websites leave an average user bored welcoming them with unnecessary pop-ups asking for personal details. It irks the customer and dissolves the user’s purpose of visit. On the contrary, in case of a pageless website, the user directly lands on the main story. The user gets all the required information without the need to navigate to any additional pages for the requisite information. In this way, it accounts for flawless user experience.

3) Enhanced Conversion Rates

Every website has its own set of goals that include increased visibility, generation of new leads, greater exposure for their products or services, the surge in the user and sales base and so on. The pageless design offers an excellent platform to achieve all the objectives. So, as a result, for a pageless design, the conversion rate is always on the higher side.

4) Offers Flexibility to the Web Developer

The Pageless design gives users a wide range of flexible options needed for developing a compelling website. The website developer has multiple exciting features at his disposal which include pop-out menus, sweet gestures, integration of GPS information, animations and so on.

5) Increased Sharing

If you take at the traditional websites, they are bulky and are often difficult to share the content. It is not the case with pageless design, as the single page with good story and low weight is easy to share. The design is more elegant, straightforward and propel the visitors towards the single goal generating leads.

6) Lowered Bounce Rates

With compelling stories and content flow, the bounce rates would always be on the lower side. The user at any point does not get confused and gets all the information at one place. Hence, the visitor stays on the website for much longer periods.

7) Appears Uniform Across Multiple Platforms and Devices

Paperless design offers uniformity across multiple platforms. With interactive elements and effective navigation, users get accustomed to the habit of scrolling. Be it Android, iOS or windows the design maintains its uniformity. Further, the smooth scrolling of the content, interactive elements only makes the website more appealing across all the platforms.

8) Fast, Easy and Effective Iteration

Incorporating minor changes in websites often consumes a lot of time as the changes need to be incorporated across multiple pages. In contrast, since the pageless design is often focussed on a single page, the iteration is fast and effective and can be done in short time.

9) Viscerally and Emotionally Satisfying

The Pageless design can be embedded with various exciting interactions that include flip and fold boxes, openable doors, animated buttons offer animating texture and compelling context to the story. When such enjoyable actions are built around the call to action then there will always be increased conversion rates.

10) Affordable Pricing

The website design happens to be an expensive endeavour for business as well as individuals who wish own beautiful custom design websites. But with pageless design, you no longer needed to worry about the cost factor as it is budget friendly. Besides the budget, the Pageless website can be built in a very short period.

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham is a Senior Digital Marketing Manager at ParamInfo Computer Services Pvt Ltd. He is passionate about topics such as SaaS, productivity, Android and iOS, general technology, and business.

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