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The mobile app development warrants a considerable investment in time and resources. The process becomes tricky when the developers have only less time for development. In such a scenario, a mobile app development company is left with only two visible options; either reduce the features of the app or prolong the timespan for app development. As a result, the app developers have less time to focus on bug fixing and features integration. Further, the mobile app development companies have only a set amount of time for app development as they are simultaneously working on multiple projects at the same time. So, it is here the developer tools come into the picture.

Right now, there are many tools available that minimize the time for app development and at the same time releases the app at the right time in the market. The tools offer affordable ways of reducing the financial burden and at the same time saves valuable time. There are primarily three major tools available to accelerate your app development process; 1) Parse server 2) Fastlane and 3) App design templates. Let’s have a look at

Three major tools for app developers

Parse server: It is an open source back-end tool which is scalable, customizable featuring useful built-in tools. Parse server comes loaded with a host of additional services like push notifications, databases, user management, and file storage.

How to use Parse server tool?

  • Initially, create a Parse server on PAAS (platform as a service).
  • Connect the Parse server instance to one of the DAAS (Database as a service)
  • Integrate the app in development with the new instance to use the tool.

Since it is open source, the app developers need not spend much time in building backup services and web server maintenance. So, the developer can invest his valuable time in integration and app building. The tool has its own set of pros and cons.


  • Commendable documentation and example coding,
  • Open source community
  • The support of multiple platforms


  • A separate platform to run,
  • Infrastructure decides the scaling options.

Fastlane tool:

The tool lends much focus on continuous integration and continuous deployment. It automates the workflow and saves valuable time when the user is working on multiple projects at the same time. In conventional app development, the app is pushed to the beta testers before it reaches the end users. The tool bypasses the complex time involved with the traditional app development.

When you discovered some bugs, fixed it and wanted to launch this update, you needed to develop a new build and push it to the app store connect. You need to create a screenshot of every device model, update the metadata and screenshot of the app and push the build to the tester. In Fastlane the entire process is automated, and hence the deployment is a lot easier. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of Fastlane tool.


  • It is an automated process, thereby eliminating manual works.
  • Saves valuable time and minimizes the chances of errors.


  • The app requires to invest some time during initial setup.
  • It is not that handy for the sole developers.

APP Design Templates

The app design plays a critical role in grabbing user attention. A neatly designed app not only attracts users but leads to increased downloads. You might be wondering how this is possible without the recruitment of a professional designer and time! It is here the tool App Design Template comes handy. The tool has plenty of designer templates readily available so that you can use them easily with some basic changes. Also, there is a categorical arrangement of templates such as restaurant, health, fitness, lifestyle and more. Let’s dissect the pros and cons of this tool.


  • Customizable readily available templates.
  • High quality work at affordable prices.
  • Saves a lot of time and energy.
  • Although the tool comes with pros, there are few cons associated with it.


  • You need to spend a lot of time searching for the right template.
  • The license options are quite uncertain and keep on changing from time to time.
  • Also, the customization does require a lot of time.

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