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To develop a new mobile app, a mobile app development company has to pick the best technology. There are many Cross-Platform hybrid mobile frameworks such as Ionic, React native, Native script, Xamarin and so on.  When it comes to choosing the right framework for the app development Ionic and React native are the popular cross-platform frameworks that come to mind.

The tools provide an opportunity to create advanced solutions, that are significantly cheaper than the native ones.  Before you pick the right platform for your requirement, it is very much essential to know both the frameworks. A comparative study of both the frameworks with their associated pros and cons helps you pick the right one for your project.

Top 2 Hybrid Frameworks for Mobile App Developers

Ionic 2

Ionic 2 is an HTML 5 mobile app platform meant for building mobile apps. The framework works only the use of gadgets like Cordova and PhoneGap and offers hardware functionality for the apps.  It is very much similar to the structure and design of AngularJS2.  The web developers can build apps for all the major stores using a single code base. Ionic 2 is pre-developed and well equipped with style components that simplify the UI of the app for app developers. The pros and cons of ionic 2 offer additional insights into Ionic 2.


  • Ionic 2 is easily maintainable, scalable, easily readable and free
  • It is designed with native styled UI elements.
  • The framework is like “write once, run anywhere”.
  • The same code can be used to develop applications for Android, web, Windows, iOS, desktop and PWA (progressive web apps).
  • Comes coded in the transcript and used for developing apps across multiple platforms.
  • The app development testing is faster; learning curve is simple and easy to work.
  • Ionic 2 comes loaded with many pre-style and pre-developed components.


  • There would be a lot of performance issues, owing to a substantial number of callbacks.
  • Not much appealing to the users, if they are fond of native UI interface.
  • Advanced graphics and interactive transitions would be complicated with Ionic 2.

React Native

React native is exclusively maintained by a community of expert developers of React Native and leading corporations, some of which include Facebook and Instagram. It is simply a Javascript library that is used to develop UI. It allows app developers to build mobile apps for Android and iOS using Javascript. With React Native, you would get the responsive UI without the need to touch the UI thread.

React Native helps mobile app developers to reuse the code already used across any Android or iOS apps. React Native combines easily with the components that are written in Java, Swift or Objective-C. It allows for the creation of a high-quality app, but on the flipside, it warrants higher learning, more effort and increased learning. Instead of recompiling, it lets you load your app instantly. Check out the advantages and disadvantages of React Native for a better understanding of React Native.

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  • The mobile app developers can reuse the code thereby resulting in faster delivery of the apps.
  • The same code can be used across multiple platforms such as Android, Windows and iPhone app development.
  • It is managed by a strong community of developers and corporations and any issue related to React native can be solved in a short period.
  • Since it follows strict design system and patterns, it is quite easy to maintain the app developed by React Native.


  • Even though you use the same components across Android and iOS, still it needs the maintenance of separate codes.
  • The bugs are common when converting HTML code to native code, and hence developer must be well aware of Swift or Objective-C for fixing them.
  • React Native encompasses very basic documentation when compared to Ionic 2. Also, concerning learning ease, it contains very few pre-developed components.
  • With higher performance, comes higher costs and as such the framework is meant for only hardcore and long projects.

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