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If your website design project seems a little bland, the missing element could be lack of enough contrast. To elaborate, contrast is important because it offers differentiation between aspects and makes each one seem more special, prominent, and individual. You can create a design contrast in multiple ways, using various kinds of elements. From space to color to typography, producing contrast can transform a bleh website to a wow one. In this article, we provide you useful tips on how to reinforce contrast to make your website more visually appealing. 

1. Make it Smaller or Bigger

Order and symmetry can be drawbacks when you need to produce a point of focus in your design. If website developers use multiple elements with similar weight, all of them will look the same. The solution is to make a single aspect much smaller or bigger. The element that looks different will become the instant focal point and will attract users’ attention. Making a text block, photo, or element smaller or bigger transcends physical size and involves visual weight too. 

For instance, you can use thin or thick strokes in letterforms to boost contrast in words of similar size. This concept can also be applied to other design aspects. 

2. Add Some Texture

Any good website design and development company knows that minimal and flat styles are currently driving design trends and that texture has become less common. But it is still widely used. 

You can create a focus area by changing a flat element to one with a three-dimensional pattern or texture. Vintage typography designs popularly use text elements with a textured look. The main texture types are smooth and rough. They can function in isolation or in combination to help produce visual focus. For printed designs, you can add physical texture based on letterpress options, the paper type used, and with the help of other publishing tools. 

3. Alter the Shape

A good website design company knows that changing the orientation or shape of an aspect can produce an instant impact. If your design looks a bit flat, you can round the button edges, place an image in a spherical frame rather than the regular rectangular one, choose a vertical picture, or utilize an off-kilter placement. 

These techniques can be a bit uncomfortable to implement initially. But you need to keep playing and experimenting with the features till you convert the bland rectangle into a much more interesting element. 

4. Add or Remove Color 

For website design, color is an important concept. You can change hues, or add or remove them to alter your design’s overall mood. Color can make elements subdued or daring, and make elements seem small or big.  

Contrast is essential to make your color palette brilliant. You can use a color wheel to pair colors and create contrasting combinations such as complementary, triadic, and split-complementary. Further, you can utilize other contrast choices like mixing up warm, neutral and cool colors and intertwining dark and light colors. 

5. Add an Unexpected Element 

Website developers can include an unexpected detail or shape to boost the contrast of their site design. This surprise element may not match other design aspects, but should still function in harmony with them. 

These unexpected elements include

➜ Mixing simple and complex typography styles or visuals

➜ Different imagery styles, such as a change from an illustration to photos or use of animation

➜ Altering the size or positioning of a single element in a column of visuals 

➜ Changing the alignment or orientation of text or an element 

➜ n alteration in a repetitive element or pattern 

➜ A visual cue which guides you through the style, like an eye-tracking design or intense shape 

➜ An asymmetrical element in a regular symmetrical design 


To sum up, by changing the contrast between aspects you can create an instant impact on your website design project. Alter the look of aspects to produce visual focus and enable users to zero in on the portion of the design which is essential to your message. When your client says make your website design pop what they mean is they want you to add more contrast in your style elements. We hope this article has given you the necessary knowledge to meet that challenge.

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