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Having an app for your restaurant business can make a huge contribution to your bottom line. With customers used to the ease and convenience of using apps to order food, it would be ignoring the writing on the wall if you choose to not invest in an app. Luckily, today’s market is flooded with many talented app developers, and you can pick and choose whom to work with. However, like all other knowledge and execution dependent services, restaurant app developers also need to be assessed before you choose to invest in them.

Why Does Your Restaurant Business Need An App?

There have been many case studies which have shown that a significant portion of many food and beverage businesses is generated through their mobile apps. One such example is Starbucks, which has had 16% of its overall business generated from its app. This amounts to a total of $1.6 billion last year. Even if your restaurant is not at the scale of Starbucks, there are several reasons why you should invest in an app which are as follows:

Better Order Fulfilment:

One of the most overlooked reasons to invest in an app is its ability to help streamline your order fulfillment. A well-designed app will remove the need for a dedicated employee on the phone taking orders. There will no longer be any confusion and re-checking the items as everything will be selected by the customer themselves. Even the cooks benefit from not having to discern bad handwriting. Along with the payment feature, there won’t be chaos at the front desk.

Increased Sales: As mobile phones become a universal tool, their ability to ease most processes has become more widely accepted. We have seen this across industries, where millennials prefer to use an app rather than use conventional practices. With a convenient and easy to use app, more millennials will be geared towards your business, which results in increased sales.

Increased Reservations: Most restaurant-goers today do not have the patience or time to wait for a table in a crowded restaurant, especially during the weekend. A mobile app that allows them to reserve a table gives them the ease of planning a night out without having to struggle with calling up several restaurants before finding one that has room for them.

Better Service: Many customers prefer to take out their food and eat elsewhere. Traditionally, take out would mean a restaurant fulfills the order when the customer walks in and places an order. In the meantime, other customers who are dining in are crowded by carryout customers who will wait until their order is ready. With a mobile app, customers who want to take away food can pre-order and pick up the food when it is ready. This means that your restaurant will not be crowded and dine-in customers will enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere.

What To Look For In Restaurant App Developers

With so many competitors vying to create mobile apps, it is important that you choose a developer like ParamInfo, who will suit your needs and fulfill your requirements. Here are some of the points you should keep in mind before you hire an app developer like paramInfo.

Domain Experience
It is important that the company you hire has had experience in developing apps for restaurants. Only then will they be able to understand the depth and scope your app requires.

Mobile App Experts
It is important that the mobile app development company you hire have app development as their core service. Be wary of any company that claims to be good at a host of different services as they mostly will not be equipped to design and execute a well-rounded app.

Multiple Platforms
Get a design team that knows how to work with multiple platforms and will be able to create an app that works for iOS and Android devices. You will want your app to be used by as many customers as possible, which requires your app to be available on all platforms.

Good App Portfolio
You’ll get a better idea of the capabilities of your app developers once you evaluate their portfolio. You can see the range, scope, and workability of previous apps they have designed and determine if they are the right fit for you.

Hiring the right developer to create your restaurant app is a step you should not take lightly. The right team, like ParamInfo, will create a product that will make your business more effective. Be sure to hire app developers who are well versed with your field and have good knowledge on the subject.

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