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The travel industry is at an all-time high, with a surge in their requirement happening on a day to day basis. App developers all around the world are choosing to invest their time into this particular industry due to the colossal amount of opportunities that are opening up. Hotel apps are the most popular way to attract customers to provide them with commodities for their travels. This is why hotel booking app development is playing such a crucial role in today’s world. With a plethora of hotel booking apps available at the convenience of just a couple of taps on a smartphone, making a comprehensive and serviceable hotel booking app is what makes or breaks your app.

Key Features for Hotel Booking App Development

Here are some of the key features your app must have to elevate your user experience and standing out in the business:

  1. A Smooth User Interface
    This is the first thing any visitor to your app notices. Keeping it simple, yet suave and appealing is the trick here. The user interface of your app is what creates the first impression on the user, and it is crucial that they like it to further engage with your app.
  2. Search Engine
    Since this a hotel booking app, the user would want to know all the options they have available for the place they are going to visit. A search engine which not only showcases the options available, but also the key details like availability, price, the number of rooms left, etc. is of utmost importance. The user should not have to open every hotel’s page separately to find its details.
  3. Booking and Cancellation
    Designing this feature perfectly is of the utmost priority for any mobile app development company. Making a booking is what a user comes on the app for. Making this process simple with features like automatic fill-in of details through their signed-in accounts, the app directly providing registration with the hotel, simple layout for check-in and check-out dates, etc. is what attracts more users to your app.
  4. Secure Payment Gateway
    Yet another feature which establishes the trust of the user with your app is the payment method. Having a secure and sound payment gateway for the users which provides them multiple options to pay securely is a must. Having credit/debit cards and net banking as an option for payment, along with some other options like online wallets provides the user with the convenience of choosing the best option for themselves.
  5. Previews and Navigation
    No user will select a hotel unless they know what the hotel and its rooms look like. Having a simple layout that provides the users with images of the rooms and the reception and the outlook of the hotel is what moves the booking process forward. You can even go above and beyond by integrating your app with third-party resources to provide your users with the best images of the hotel. Moreover, you can also choose to integrate detailed maps for geolocation and providing directions to the hotel and nearby places.

Cost Estimation for a Mobile Application Development Company

For making a perfect hotel app there are many layers, and a good mobile application development company charges accordingly for that. How much the whole process costs totally depends on the number of hours it requires app developers to create the features for your hotel app. It is advised to build an app with all the features mentioned above and other prominent features like a chatbot, push notifications, travel assistant, currency converter, comparing module, rating, rentals, etc.

Considering you have opted for all of the aforementioned features to be developed for your app, it’ll roughly take around 250 to 300 hours of work from a mobile app development company to finish the job. Here is the breakdown of the estimated cost for this scenario in different countries:

  • USA- $28,000 to $35,000
  • European countries- $25,000 to $40,000
  • India- $6,000 to $15,0000
  • Japan- $10,000 to $30,000


Hotel booking app development is a task that should be done by accounting in each and every single factor to develop features that will highlight the end product and attract users. Hiring a credible and good mobile application development company with app developers who have industrial experience is very crucial. Analyze the services you provide and calculate your budget restraints to attain an end product that will take your business to new heights.


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